Connor Wiseman VSP Extra Credit 2/8/11

The man walked down the hallway past some younger soldiers who gave him a look of askancethen quickly gave him sharp salutes. He entered a room at the end of the hallway labeled Combat Information Center. In the room was a large table with a map of the planet below with four other men were standing around the it, arguing. A man, who was the more confident one and also speaking the loudest, caught a glance at the man walking toward the table and began to quail at the sight of him. The man Stopped at the head of the table and took survey of the table, two of the three men still arguing.

"Give me something I can use." The man said. The two arguing men instantly stopped and looked at the man. There was a silence in the room that lasted only seconds until the man violently began to speak again. "We are at the verge of victory, we have forayed the many of the major cities and at the walls of the capital! These are not lithe people, they will not give up."

"Maybe we should try to reason with them again?" said one of the three other men at the table.

The man at the head of the berated the man for his dotage upon the people of the planet. After hours of talking with his advisors the man left the room. He walked past the same group of soldiers, who had obviously had heard the man yelling, who had terrified looks on their faces. They looked as though a harbinger of death was walking towards them. The man shot them a look of distain and the men straightened out and saluted once again.

"Uh, Sir. We have a problem." said a young soldier who had run to catch up to the man.

"Very well what is it?" he replied.

"Well, we have some balky prisoners and they could rally the others." The young marine said. The man stopped in the hall way and removed his glasses. He stared at the soldier for a few seconds.

"Dispose of them." He said in a sloughing voice. The young soldier only stared at the man, mouth wide open. The man pushed pass the marine and continued walking down the hallway. The young marine walked with a qualmish look on his face.

"How can he tell us to do that sort of thing? What sort of benighted thoughts go through that man's head?" said a one of guards standing in front of a stockade holding prisoners from the planet below. The young marine only nodded as he handed the guard a vouchsafe to execute the prisoners. The guard dropped his head as he and another guard walked into the stockade, switching the safeties off on their assault rifles. The only thing they could hear before the room went silent was the profane yelling about how dastardly they were.

Askance- With a side glance; with a look of mistrust, jealousy, or disapproval

Quail-To lose courage or heart; to shrink from in fear; to cower

Foray-To ravage in search of spoils

Lithe-Easily or gracefully bent; pliant

Dotage-Foolish affection; excessive fondness

Harbinger-One who or that which goes before and announces the coming of something

Balk-To stop short and refuse to go on

Slough-to cast off; discard as unwanted

Qualm-A feeling of doubt, fear or uneasiness; a pang of conscience

Benighted-Involved in intellectual or moral darkness

Vouchsafe-To grant or bestow in a gracious or condescending manner, permit

Dastardly-Showing despicable cowardice