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Something L i k e A Prologue

I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die and when they find my body, my parents are going to kill me.

That was the mantra I chanted in my head as my sneakers slapped heavily against the concrete ground. It was a miracle I could hear anything over the pounding heartbeat in my ears. And of course, the vicious snarls echoing behind me didn't exactly help, either. Who knew that running for your life could be so loud?

I guess you're wondering why I'm running and what's chasing me and well, I'd like to know, too. I thought about asking the man with the uncanny resemblance to my friend's mildly irritating roommate following close behind, but it looks like he's too busy trying to eat me. Maybe I'll try later when the starved animal look disappears from his black eyes.

I braved a look over my shoulder.

...Maybe not.

In the meantime, I'll focus on not ending up in tomorrow's news.

The irony in saying something like that is usually after some unlucky idiot does, it bites them in the ass sooner or later. And for me, already being the spokesperson for the unfortunate bastards of the world, sooner came a lot earlier than later.

It took all of two seconds for my misfortune to work its magic, leaving no time for me to regret the thought when I felt cold fingers wrap around my neck in a stone grip. I didn't even have time to register my back meeting wall. What I did catch was the resonating crack that echoed in the air, though I wasn't sure whether it came from the wall or from me. All I knew was that this level of pure, unadulterated bad luck was reserved for me.

The line, "Luck favors the prepared" came to mind. And I can tell you that I was in no way, shape, or form prepared to stare into the shining, black pits of what was once the blue eyes of Ryan Brody. I can also say that there was no way in hell I was prepared to watch the slowly spreading malicious smile that came along with said black pits.

Right about now is where I scream bloody murder.

"I told you not to run." Ryan reprimanded in a calm voice. "Running only makes it worse...for you."

"I'll have to remember that the next time some freak tries to eat me." Is what I would have said if I was ballsy but it's kind of hard to be when the person you've been bickering with for months turns into some kind of demon out for your blood.

It's probably a good thing that I wasn't ballsy. Probably not such a good idea to piss off the man that wants to kill you.

So I said nothing.

"You have no idea how hard it was to resist when you smell-" He nuzzled his nose into my neck, inhaled, then came back into view. "-this good."

His expression mirrored the joy you'd find on the face of someone admiring their favorite wine. I'd be flattered if it weren't for the whole 'He's-about-to-kill-me' thing.

Ryan's blissful smile only widened as he stared into my fearful eyes.

"I'm surprised I lasted the five months I did." He took another breath of my scent.

While I'm sure he probably wasn't looking for the appraisal one would show to a recovering alcoholic, I couldn't stop the "Good for you." that slipped between my teeth.

If that statement didn't already fill my quota of stupidity for the day, then me thinking that I could get away with kicking my captor between the legs certainly would.

So much for not pissing him off.

The moment my foot made contact with Ryan's manly bits, I made another attempt at not dying at the hands (or teeth) of this maniac.

Sadly, my quick getaway was short-lived. Almost four seconds later, Ryan recovered and I was back against the rough brick surface. Only, his grip was bruising around my neck.

Safe to say that my 'quick thinking' only landed me higher up on Ryan's shit list.

Did I mention that that was an extremely stupid plan?

Ryan sighed as he tightened his hold around my throat, momentarily cutting off my air supply. "Didn't anyone ever tell you that running from a vampire is an extremely stupid thing to do?" I must have missed that lesson in Vampires 101. I swallowed the lump in my sore throat as best I could. "In case you haven't noticed, I caught you the first time. So where did you find the logic to decide running a second time was the way to go?"

As if I needed a lesson in logic from the supernatural creature...

The slightly sympathetic-mostly annoyed look on his face allowed me to reply against my better judgment. Wasn't like my judgment was doing me any good anyway.

"Can't say I didn't try." I choked out with a small smile that came out more like a grimace.

Not much to smile about these days...

Ryan shook his head with a grin, though I think the gesture had less to do with finding humor in my words than it did with flashing those lengthening canines of his. You'd think after the first time he flashed them-one of the reasons I ran from him in the first place- that I'd be immune to their eye-widening, jaw dropping, pissing-in-your-pants effect, but no. Not in the freaking least.

I think I felt the exact moment my heart stopped.

"Not exactly the most brilliant plan but I applaud your efforts." Ryan's face began to dip closer than comfortable to my own and my breath hitched in my throat. "It's too bad, really. I would have liked to take you out before this came to a close." 'This' being my life.

My neck was released and in the same moment, there was a jerk at the back of my head. Pain sprouted at the roots of my hair but numbed in comparison to the crushing of my mouth. It took me a minute to realize that Ryan was kissing me-If a kiss was what you could call it. It was more like him trying to fuse our lips together until neither of us owned seperate lips. It was excrutiating.

His arms wound around my waist in a death grip that was almost as painful as his lips.

I felt a single hot tear slide down my face while I tried-in vain- to loosen up his hold on me. Soon, the lack of oxygen, tied with his arms trying to squeeze the life out of me and his lips crushing against mine left my head spinning and my lungs burning.

The down side to dying this way was the copious amounts of pain but the up side to this is if I died from the asphyxiation first, I wouldn't be around to feel him tearing into me.

Just when I thought the pain was almost over, Ryan surprised me by releasing his hold on my lips. I really wished that he wouldn't have.

Not because I wanted to kiss him (If I didn't want to when he was though to be human, why the hell would that change now?) but because of the new wave of pain that came when my body tried to make up for the loss of oxygen. My heart and lungs felt like they were going to explode. It nearly killed me.

If Ryan wasn't holding me to him, I'm almost certain that I would have collapsed. And as if right on cue, my legs gave out from under me. Unfortunately, I didn't pass out. No, the result was me, completely aware (of Ryan and the pain) and being pulled even closer to the thing trying to kill me but can't seem to get it right.

"I really couldn't contain myself." Ryan said, breathing heavily. He looked excited. "It really is a shame."

In my head, I was screaming for him to just get it over with. I was starting to get annoyed at how drawn out my death was. At this rate, they'd be able to add "tortured" to my report.

When I finally got my breathing to a semi-normal pace, I looked up at him with probably more of an angry face than I was entitled to at that point.

"Could you maybe get on with it? Waiting was never something I was ever any good at." I wheezed, angrily.

Ryan's eyebrows knitted in confusion for a moment before he smiled.

That only irritated me more so I decided berate him more. "This isn't fun-"

I was silenced by the sudden kiss Ryan placed on my pulse line. It was almost sweet and for one, ridiculously brief moment I thought that maybe, just maybe, he was going to let me live.

That's when I felt sharp fangs plunge into my flesh.

Hello. My name is Aidan Tyler and I'm dying.

...My parents are going to kill me.

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