I love Valentine's Day. And no, I don't have a boyfriend. But people who whine and complain about "Single Awareness Day" destroy the fun of candy hearts, chocolates, red wine and trashy romance movies. So this is my funny little way of telling all those people to shut up, they sound like a bunch of jr. highers. If you're not mature enough to be happy being single, then you're sure as hell not mature enough to be in a relationship.

Oh, and I'm not totally happy with the title. If you can think of a better one I would definitely consider it.

So Happy It's Disgusting

"Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Mrs. Wu."

My math teacher, an otherwise sweet woman, had given each of us a box of candy hearts at the end of class. I shoved it deep into my bag and set off across campus to my next class, trying to ignore the large number of disgustingly happy couples around me.

I hate Valentine's Day. Who's idea was it to have a holiday designed to make half the world feel like crap?

I passed my locker, and my bag felt even heavier. But I couldn't put anything inside. If you used your locker, you were instantly uncool.

Why don't I have a boyfriend? I'm pretty.


I looked up. It was my best friend, Julia. We had third period history together.

I glared at a slim blonde girl and a tall, blonde boy walking hand-in-hand. They didn't even notice, lost in their own little world of disgusting happiness.


"I hate Valentine's Day."

"Me to. If I get one more heart shaped chocolate, I'm going to scream."

We walked in silence all the way to history, where we both promptly fell asleep and dreamed about a world in which this stupid holiday didn't exist. Or maybe I could just sleep for a whole year, and when I wake up, I'll be in high school with a gorgeous boyfriend. Then Valentine's Day would be awesome.