3 years later

A boy sat in the middle of a bench near the row of English classrooms. One ear plug was blasting in his ear as the other one fell loosely down towards his lap. His eyes were closed while his head fell all the way back against the peachy prickly wall. To anybody, he would have appeared to be sleeping. However, he was thinking.

He had been sitting in his room all day long yesterday, with a pen in his right hand and a paper placed underneath. A spark of inspiration was needed to get his wrist to move and his mind to conjure up thoughtful sentences. No inspiration had occurred, not until he spied a bird outside of his window.

Quickly, he began to jot down lines about how he knew how to fly once before lightning had zapped his wings. Incoherent sentences formed from his pen and he was soon done with the song he needed for his band. His band would be very unpleased with his choice of subject for the song, but it was all a garage band in the state of California could probably even come up with.

Now, the boy who was sitting on the bench, thinking about how he needed a muse to jumpstart the music he so desperately wanted to create, was being watched by two boys with a very pretty girl. If only his music from his iPod wasn't so loud, he could have heard their plans for him.

The very pretty girl was not far away from the thinking boy when she had been joined by two boys that she knew from her Spanish class. She was waiting for her best friend to meet her, but she didn't mind it when the boys were giving her attention. The trio chatted lightly about the homework that they had to do over the weekend.

The girl grew bored of their conversation and the two boys could sense it. Looking at each other, they wanted to both impress the girl. They craved her attention and wanted to make her laugh. One of the boys spied the thinking boy sitting a few yards away from them. He nudged his friend with his shoulder, pointing towards the bench. Snickering, they asked the very pretty girl if she had ever seen what it was like when you steal an iPod from a wannabe Pete Wentz. She shook her head no, not knowing what was about to unfold.

Before the very pretty girl knew it and before the thinking boy knew it, one of the scheming boys had ran up to the bench and snatched the iPod from the thinking boy's lap. The thinking boy bolted straight up and was ready to take on anyone who had taken his music player hostage. He spotted the very pretty girl who had an amused smile playing on her lips. For a second, the thinking boy couldn't help but think she had a beautiful smile. The thought of her smile being beautiful suddenly vanished from his head once he concluded that she was only smiling because the two boys who had stolen his iPod had made him look like a fool. He was angry over this. This made him hate himself even more. He hated the boys who took his iPod and he hated the very pretty girl who was taunting him in her head.

The very pretty girl had watched the two boys from her Spanish class hastily grab the iPod from a boy in a black shirt and stained baggy jeans. Not a second later, the boy shot up from the bench with a pissed off gleam in his eyes. This made the girl amused, not because she thought he looked funny, only because she truly would have looked the same if someone ever touched her beloved iPod.

Suddenly, the boy's gaze had caught sight of her and a flash of bewilderment had filled his eyes. The bewilderment had soon been replaced with an anger and hatred that the girl could not quite comprehend.

The boy quickly rushed passed her to chase after the two boys who had taken his music. The boy yelled profanities and cursed. He was soon stopped by a nearby teacher who had heard him in the hallway. The teacher gave the boy a week's worth of detention, but held a bit of sympathy for the boy and his unwanted situation. She was able to get his iPod back and gave detention to the other two boys too.

Feeling like the biggest loser in the world, the once thinking boy slowly walked back to his backpack on the bench. He slumped down and felt as if he could cry. Knowing he was being watched, he held his tears and lifted his eyes to the very pretty girl standing in the same spot as she was before. This time, another very pretty girl was in her company instead of the two boys from her Spanish class. They were both looking at him, speaking in whispers that he couldn't make out. He already knew they were talking about him though.

Picking up his things, the now frustrated boy started walking away to his English class. Before he entered the classroom, he shot the dirtiest glare he could muster to the very pretty girls watching him.

The very pretty girl, who had felt bad about the whole fiasco, had explained to her best friend that they should do something special for the boy. It was her fault anyways that he had gotten in trouble. The boys who had done it to him were only doing it to impress her. She and her friend watched the boy from afar; the saddest yet most adorable expression crossed his features. The very pretty girl just wanted to walk over to him and hug him, but of course, she didn't.

As the boy walked to an English classroom's doorway, he looked up at the girls with loathing eyes and a disgusted grimace on his face. The very pretty girl then changed her mind and decided that he wasn't such a nice boy after all. He probably deserved getting picked on, she declared as she and her best friend parted ways to their starting first periods.

That was the day of freshmen year the very pretty girl gained her unexpected crush on an outcast boy, Adam Jackson, aka iPod Boy. That was the day when Adam Jackson fell in love with the sight of Lily Scarlette Harrison aka the very pretty girl. It was also the day when Adam Jackson's hatred for Lily Scarlette Harrison began.