It almost blew out

Kale's life was perfect. He had the striking resemblance to the blond version of Orlando Bloom without the Fabio looking hair, he was born and bred into wealth and he had the world at his knees (his fingertips were definitely too high up). The thing with that was it messed with his personality as soon as he found his first love, the female anatomy.

Kale was sometimes the biggest moron you could ever meet and then you would forget about it when he gave you his signature smile. His soft green eyes would seem to glow when he smiled and that intensified the emotion to the point of sighing like a school girl with a crush.

It was no secret Kale loved women. But when he laid his eyes on Rylen his world stopped. Rylen did something to him unnatural whenever he looked at her. Were they really living in the same place for so long and he never laid eyes on her once before. She was the only girl he couldn't bring himself to talk to at first. When she smiled his heart stopped. It was almost like love at first sight. Almost. When they dated things blew up. Kale hardly ever came to work and when he did show up he would leave early. Everyone knew he was trying to spend every waking moment with his one true love but he would look at you like you were the worst thing on the planet if you ever said it to his face. Only his twin brother ever did. And Adam had the right seeing as he was doing all his brother's work when he was tangled in bed with Rylen.

Then the unimaginable happened…

Kale didn't know what to do for the first time in his life. Rylen was crying upstairs and she wanted nothing to do with him. They had just gotten married on the demand of her father when he found out his daughter was pregnant for Kale Bond. Fathers warned their daughters about Kale and now they had a reason to say "I TOLD YOU SO". Kale didn't understand where he went wrong. He'd been careful every time. He was always the careful one. His brother had two kids already. Wasn't that enough Bond blood to carry on the next generation?

With a sigh he decided to go talk with Rylen. He was still crazy about her after all. She was still that girl who stopped his heart. Even if she dumped him some months before for reasons he now figured to be the fact that she was pregnant.

As he walked into what was to be their bedroom for the rest of his life he saw she was undressing. Removing that stupid white gown her mother called a wedding dress. He knocked and she refused to look at him. She didn't want to get married either and as for the pregnancy, that was way out of the question. But it happened and she was distraught. She hadn't looked him in the eye since that day he found out she was pregnant and he was missing her pretty eyes too much to live like this. With a quick stride he made it to her side of the room and lifted her chin so he could see her face. It was wet. She was still crying. He hated seeing her this way.

Being the guy he usually was when in a bedroom with a beautiful woman he caressed her face. Then he started pulling every hairpin from her red hair. He loved her hair. God knows why her mother chose to tie it up for the wedding. After four minutes her hair hung around her in pretty curls. Kale couldn't resist attempting to kiss her. And she was okay with it. After all this was their honeymoon. She was supposed to be the blushing bride. His jacket fell behind him, his shirt came off, her dress landed somewhat between them and as he pulled her closer something stopped him. Something big was between them. Right. Her pregnant belly. She was about five and a half months along. She'd hid the truth from him and her parents and he looked like an ass when they approached him with the news while he was with his new girl for the week. But he took the embarrassment. Rylen looked depressed enough. Kale lifted her off her feet and carried her to their bed. Something about the idea of their unborn child between them was…intriguing.

Kale trailed kisses down her belly silently telling her things were okay with them. Nothing has changed. They were still Kale and Rylen. Now they were Kale and Rylen Bond but he still cared about her. Their relationship was strong. It could survive a baby. And it did. For while anyway.