Rylen and Kale were speaking in hushed tones. She was propped on her elbow while he was lying on his back with his eyes closed on their bed. It was Saturday and school was out for a week but they had the entire house to themselves because her mother and Kaden had gone to spend some time at Adam's place. Kaden was there for the day but their mother was there to help her daughter through her second trimester. Jules was a mess pregnant. She couldn't eat and refused to get out of bed every morning. So their mother went to help with the other Bonds.

"You love me?" he smirked peeping through one green eye at her. It was hard not to look back at her when she was this close. That was why he had his eyes closed. Rylen just smiled at him being silly.

"I was talking to Jules and -"

"Uh oh," he interrupted hearing her laugh. "What does Jules want you to do to me now?"

"I want us to set up a trust fund for the girls," she continued to caress his face. He had not shaved this morning because he couldn't find his razor. He knew Lenny had a lot to do with that. Main reason why she wouldn't leave his face alone. She didn't deny hiding it either. Just smiled. What could he possibly do to her as revenge? She was pregnant for crying out loud.

"Go on," his eyes were closed again and his expression was the same.

"That's it. I think the girls should have a trust fund."

"But why though?"

"Because it's the smart thing to do. Ayden has one, Kaleb has one and both me and Jules had one when we were kids," she kissed his face watching him open his eyes completely. She was obviously trying to get her way. Why else was she suddenly kissing him?

"And how would this benefit them?" green matched with brown. His tone was still in the calm region.

"It will make them less dependent on their parents-"

"If they move out," he put in holding the eye contact.

"And when they fall in love they don't have to depend on their fiancé for anything."

"If they fall in love."

"Or when they get married-"

"If they get married. And what you're doing is making life easy for their not going to happen on my watch husbands. Hypothetically speaking if he ever exists he is supposed to provide for them."

"Kale be reasonable. It's the smart thing to do and you know it."

"Like how you don't need to ask me for anything?"

"You want your daughters to ask their husbands for everything they need?"

"It's why I plan to live forever Rylen. They can ask me."

"Yet I can't ask Edmond for anything and you won't live forever unless I kill you first."

"Edmond wouldn't dare give you anything and I tend to cheat death love."

"I still know how to use a gun Kales. I may need to work on my aim but if you're close enough no problem."

"If you fantasize about sticking me up and doing a body search all you have to do is ask Lenny."

"Now that is where you're wrong. I don't need to ask," she smiled breaking all contact with him. Knowing she was playing with him he relaxed and closed his eyes again. "Kale."


"Ayden and Kaleb have one," she was back to their conversation. Kale laughed. She didn't know how to give up.

"Ayden and Kaleb have a father with money, a yacht, a jet, a company, a thing for your sister and more estrogen than testosterone. What's your point?"

She laughed and slapped him on his arm gently.

"If this is about me not asking you for anything then I want you to get me a new car."

"That doesn't change my mind about the trust fund though. And I will work on getting you that car tomorrow."

"Well in that case I will go and buy myself a new car," she teased. "Why are you so against this?"

"I am not against anything. They already have a trust fund with their name on it."

"Kaden?" she knew nothing about this.

"And Sage," he touched her very pregnant belly. She was due two weeks from now. She smiled.


"Yes love."

"Why do you feel the way you feel about me?"

"You have a really nice derriere."

"Please be serious."

"That was me being serious. But if you want your ego inflated I can go get the air pump."

She glared at him even though he couldn't see and he laughed when she ran her hand up the side of his chest. She knew that was one of his tickle spots.

"Tell me."

"You happen to be the only girl that has said no to me," he held onto her hand to stop the feeling and opened his eyes. He looked directly into hers.

"I am sure that's a lie."

"Fine. I'm addicted to you," he saw her narrow her eyes. "When I look at you it feels like my heart stops beating."

"How poetic," she rolled her eyes giving up on the question. "So that time we were friends you weren't trying to trick me by befriending me and twisting my emotions?"

"I would never play with your emotions," he decided to take control now. "Why me?"

"You're not the guy I thought you were and I fell pretty hard for the real you."

"Which means?"

"I thought you were a stuck up womanizing idiot."


"But it turns out you're a nice guy who prefers to hide his true self."

"I don't hide myself. I'm very honest with my thoughts. If you remember clearly that day you first came to see me in my office, you asked me what I wanted from you and I told you if I gave an answer you'd think me an asshole like the rest of the planet. You knew I wanted to seduce you. You also knew I wasn't taking no for an answer but you tried to be friends with me anyway."

"What I meant was you always have a wall up for people."

"Shouldn't I though? People would take advantage if I didn't."

"True," Rylen held onto his hand and guided it just a tad lower. After about a second he felt the baby move. "Is she…?"

"She knows you're close," Lenny rubbed his hand with hers.

"So you admit you're having a girl?" this was the first time he referred to the baby as sheand Rylen didn't tease him. Yes they both went around referring to the baby as Sage but Rylen never confirmed the sex of the baby to him.

"I'm not having a girl."

"So you're having a boy?"

"Nope," she smiled guiding his hand to the opposite side of her belly.

"So we're having an alien?"

"Don't you feel that?" she ignored his last comment.

"No," he answered before feeling the movement. He smiled. "How could Sage be…two?"

"Yes two. I wasn't this pregnant with Kaden was I?" she was surprised he couldn't guess. Everyone else had suspected a long time ago.

"No but…you're having twins?"

"Yes," she lay down so as to give both babies room to move as they pleased. Every time Kale touched her belly they would start to move like this. "I can't believe you couldn't tell."

" Lenny."


"Are you in pain?" he flew up to a seated position, real worry in his eyes.

"No, why?"

"Look," he pointed to the side of her. There was an abnormal bulge that wasn't there moments ago.

"That's your Sage's head," she remembered Kaden doing this a lot. He wouldn't know because they weren't talking then.

"This is weird," his worried expression never faltered.

"She always does this," Rylen tried to calm his nerves. "So what are we naming the other baby?"

"Are you sure you're not hurting?" his eyes never met hers. He was still amazed with the baby pushing at her that way.

"I'm sure," she shifted again trying not to move too much.

There was silence for a good few minutes.

"Scarlet," he answered touching the bulge as light as possible. It was his first bit of contact with his next child.

"I like that," she watched as he played with the baby. Sage kept moving like crazy. "I'm worried that Kaden will not be happy about this."

"We'll have to split our time because now I have three princesses."

"What you have is a handful."

"That I do," he kissed her belly after pushing up her t shirt. She watched as he tried to give both babies his attention. Kaden was going to be jealous no matter what he said. Life was going to get more complicated.

"Honey she's finally out," Kale headed for the bathroom knowing Rylen was taking a shower while he put Kaden to sleep. As he entered he saw her leaned up against the wall breathing deeply. The shower was running.

"Good," she managed to get out groaning soon after. She'd been having contractions after their talk that afternoon. But nothing serious. Now it was getting worst.

"Breathe Len," he embraced her feeling her transferring the pain she was experiencing onto him by squeezing his shoulders.

"I'm trying believe it or not," she smiled holding her breath for a moment.

"I'll bring the car around," he made an attempt to leave but she held onto him.


"Lenny you're in labor, I have to take you to the hospital."

"It's about eight hours until sunrise," she took a breath. "I can wait and they won't come before that."

"You can wait but I can't deliver babies if they decide to come before that. I'll go bring the car around."

"What about Kaden?" that was her real reason for the delay.

"I'll wake her up."

"No she's too cranky when you wake her up," she closed her eyes. "You'll take me to the hospital and you'll come home to stay with her."

"I can't leave you there Rylen and I won't leave her here alone."

"You don't have a choice. You're not waking her up. End of discussion," she bit back a scream.

"Kale what do you want?" his brother's groggy voice came over the phone. Kale was calling from the car. He'd just pulled out of the driveway after waving at the neighbor's daughter. She would keep an eye on Kaden until he got back from the hospital in the next two hours or so.

"Adam what are you doing?"

"Enlighten me as to what normal people do at ten in the night?"

"Well seeing as Jules is pregnant-"

"Shut up Kale," Jules voice interrupted.

"Is the phone on loud speaker or does Jules listen in on all your calls? You're such a wuss."

"Did Mathieu really have to have lousy aim?" she threw back at her brother-in-law even if she was talking to Adam. Lenny laughed.

"Says the woman who couldn't stop crying when she thought I left the planet."

"I admit to crying but they were tears of joy. I was just about ready to bust out the champagne."

"Jules Rylen is in labor so instead of screaming at me you can try to calm her down."

"I am calm," she shouted from the back seat. The time spacing between contractions were reducing but she was still able to deal with the pain.

"Adam did Jules tell you she's having my kid?"

"I'm collecting child support," Adam was not going to intervene in their bickering.

"Kale would you leave Jules alone for once in your life," Rylen begged tired of hearing them go at it. Or more like him torturing her.

"For how long?" he asked hearing Adam laugh.

"Shut up," Jules apparently hit Adam because now he wasn't laughing.

"I really don't know how you're related to that sweet sister of yours," Adam was talking to his wife now.

"Like you and Kale?"

"Leave my brother alone," he pretended to be defensive.

"Only if he leaves my sister alone. Life would be a whole lot easier then."

"Your sister won't leave my brother alone."

"Rylen was the one who walked out on their marriage," Jules pointed out proudly.

"Kale was the one who moved out."

"Rylen was the one with a boyfriend, a psychotic one, but one none the less."

"Kale was with Ayslin remember?"

"Are they fighting about us?" Kale was laughing. He knew Adam was just getting Jules worked up.

"I think so," Lenny could feel the pain coming again. She found something to hold on to and squeezed.

"Kale was the one who jumped in front of a bullet to save her," Jules pointed out angrily.

"Lenny was going to kill Mathieu and no one jumped in front any bullet last time I checked."

"Kale please tell your brother he's an idiot," Jules was looking for his input to confirm her theory.

"As much as I love being the hero Jules I didn't jump in front any bullet. That only happens on tv, sorry."

"Lenny?" she was looking now to her sister for support.

"You are so having another version of Kale," Rylen teased knowing the last thing Jules wanted was a child with any feature remotely close to her husband.

"Like how Kaleb is a combination of you and Jules honey?" Kale questioned getting a glare through the rear view mirror.

"Agreed," Adam was the first to answer.

"Is that even possible?" Jules asked no one in particular.

"I totally see it," Adam continued. "When Kaleb fights with Kaden he wants to hit her, which is his Jules side, but he doesn't which is his Lenny side."

"You do realize Kaleb is in no form related to me or Lenny right?"

"You jumped over the sister-lesbian argument for that point?" Kale laughed checking in on Rylen who just smiled. He held her hand which was squeezing his head rest.

"What about Ayden?" Adam continued seeing as this was a good distraction.

"Adam," Jules gave her verdict.

"Kale," was Rylen's answer which got her a look from the culprit. She winced at another contraction.

"Adam," Kale added stopping at a traffic light. "Care to explain how Ayden is anything like me?" Kale didn't wait for his brother to answer.

"He's loving and sweet."

"I repeat. Care to explain how Ayden is anything like me?" he acted offended.

"You're loving and sweet to me."

"That's because you my dear know how to use a gun and I'm a deep sleeper."

Rylen gave him a dark look when she heard everyone laughing. He gave her the flirty eyebrows before kissing her hand.

"Muah," he laughed when he saw how angry she was. "Oh relax, it's not like I'm lying."

"Kaden anyone?" Adam threw the last of the children into the game.

"Kale hands down," Jules laughed.

"Second," Adam added smiling.

"Third," Kale threw in looking at Lenny who was calm again.

"Me," was her answer.

"Kaden is nothing like you love, sorry," Kale was the first to object.

"I spend most of my time with her. I know my daughter."

"The baby started moving today I think," Jules changed the subject sensing an argument.

"She's ready to meet her aunty," Lenny was bracing another contraction. Kale had to give it to her. She was dealing with the pain like it was nothing.

"I hope you can be aunty Rylen during my sleepless nights."

"Was I there during the pre-pregnant sleepless nights?" she joked feeling Kale's hands on hers again. She looked over at him and squeezed his hand to ensure him she was okay.

"That's why you're in pain," Jules teased.

"Just make sure Cristijan is half me," Adam cut in out of nowhere.

"I thought you two were having a girl and why Cristijan?" Rylen was confused.

"We are having a girl."

"Cristijan is Adam's middle name," Kale cleared his wife's mind.

"I think that's silly but very cute."

"Says the woman who is naming her kid after a herb."

"Shut up Jules."

"And she's naming the other one after the color of her blush," Kale threw in hearing silence.

"You're crazy Lenny."

"I'm part Bond. It's totally acceptable."

"You're also part vacuum cleaner if you watch Kale closely," Kale laughed knowing she was referring to his most recent blotchy red spot. Just one this time. Rylen smiled. "Judging by the strength of suction in recent times Adam you might never need to replace the vacuum. Just ask Lenny to stop by."

"I'll try to remember that."

"If you keep laughing I will kill you myself mister," Rylen glared at Kale.

"Didn't we already have this conversation this afternoon? I tend to cheat death honey," he boasted.

"You tend to be an idiot also; I don't hear you broadcasting that."

He arrived at another traffic light and leaned over to kiss his wife. She pushed him away playfully.

"Rylen how are we doing?" Adam asked trying to find something else to talk about.

"I'm fine Adam thank you."

"I think I'm going through menopause," Kale announced driving off again. Adam laughed. Leave it to him to talk something that silly.

"You can't possibly be going through that. Lenny's pregnant," Jules continued the stupid topic.

"My Olympic swimmers won two gold medals about eight months ago, retired and is now living off government funding. How is that not menopause?"

"Is he talking about his bodily fluids?" Jules was giggling.

"Yup," Adam confirmed.

"Take your mind out of the gutter Kale."

"And if it doesn't function past the boundaries of that area?"


"No Rylen I am not going in some random dark corner with you. Tie those hormones of yours down."

"Where the hell is the hospital on the moon?" she screamed as a strong contraction hit her. Kale never expected that.

"Adam I'll call you back," he hung up.

Kale was standing at the foot of the bed, arms folded, frustrated and tired. Kaden was standing at the head of the bed, eyebrows knitted, pouting and shifting from pillow to pillow. Kale couldn't believe his four year old was treating him like Kaleb. He made a mental note to ensure not to get Lenny pregnant again. This was too much all at once. After dropping Lenny to the hospital he came home and had to drag Kaden out of bed, into the tub for a bath, into the kitchen for breakfast and was now trying to tame her hair. Lenny had made it perfectly clear for him to comb her hair. She didn't have the strength to do it last night and if he left it as is then it would be difficult to deal with. Kale was always proud of Kaden's hair. Her strawberry blonde curls were nice to look at. Actually combing it however was a task by itself.

"Kaden I will not say this again. Get your-"

"Get your butt over there," she pointed to a chair across the room. She stuck her nose in the air.


"No!" one of Lenny's novels flew at him. It missed him not by much. He didn't move because he didn't expect it.

On any other day he would have the energy to jump in her direction and hold onto her by the foot but that was any other day. Today he was drained. He'd been awake almost twenty six hours now. And he had done a lot in those twenty six hours.

"Kades mommy is waiting," he tried the nicer approach.

"Let mommy wait."

"Lovey it's just a brush," he showed her. She was willing to get it combed earlier but he had used a comb and pulled her hair. She had run off refusing to let him get close after that.

"Daddy no comb," she pleaded with a sad face. He was falling for it. Kaden was begging for her life and Lenny would kill him if he gave in.

"Kaden-Marie Genevieve Bond I will not say this again. Get over here."

"No!" she threw another book. It hit him at the side of his face. Kaden started laughing. He made another mental note. One to throw out all those novels his wife was storing on their bed. Like her mother she somewhat had aim and had a thing for throwing items at his head. Kale gave up and sat down. He buried his face in his palms. This was getting nowhere. Lenny was right. Kaden had her temper.

He felt her walking on the bed knowing she was going to run and hide again. He sighed. Kale was too tired to run after her anymore. Suddenly Kaden's arms wrapped around his neck. Then he heard the brush land somewhere in the room. Smart kid.

"Daddy no cwy," she pulled his face from his hands. "No comb hair pease."

"Okay," he pulled her onto him and she cupped his face happily. When she looked back at him she kissed the spot the book had made contact with.

"Better?" she had gotten this from him a lot. It really was impossible not to love her.

"All better," he picked her up in his arms grabbing a hat and heading for the door. Lenny would kill him but he didn't care.

"Is she okay?" he finally found Jules and Adam who were standing by a window near the nursery. They arrived this morning after Jules decided to roll out of bed.

"Oh my gosh," Jules was watching Kaden's hair in horror. Even under a hat you couldn't miss that disaster.

"Can you do something about that because if Lenny saw her she'd kill me," he knew all women walked around with tools for that kind of emergencies.

"You tried with a comb huh?" she pulled her niece to her side. Kaden was sucking her finger.

"Kind of."

"That will teach you. Don't you want to see Sage? Lenny's feeding Scarlet," she reminded him and he immediately looked through the window at the babies inside. He spotted Sage immediately.

"She's perfect," he stared until he felt tears escape his eyes. "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Isn't she big?" Adam also placed his hand on the window as if trying to touch the baby.

"Isn't Kale crying?" Jules laughed taking Kaden's hand to lead her away. She would cry also if she saw her father like this.

"Whatever Jules," he shouted after her. He didn't care. He had just laid eyes on his second daughter.

"Was she trouble?" Rylen was watching Kale holding Sage as she held Scarlet. She knew Kaden. The child was not happy on a morning. Ever.

"She's perfect," he smiled down at the baby. They both looked exactly like Lenny.

"I'm talking about Kaden."

"How do you put up with her on a daily basis?" he focused long enough to help with the conversation.

"I'm her mother," she smiled confirming he had a hard time.

"If you were like that when you were little I would have spanked you."

"Mom says I was but not for long," she smiled.

"She has your temper by the way."

"I told you she was like me."

"And I now understand. She threw two books at my head and hit me once. She has aim I give her that."

Rylen laughed.

"If you recall, you threw a tea cup at my head when you were angry."

"I remember."

"All because she didn't want me to touch her hair."

"So how did you get the task done?"

"Never mind that. We made it here in one piece."


"Yes Rylen Melinda Bond?"

"Don't Rylen Melinda Bond me. Did you or did you not comb Kaden's hair?"

"Lenny the babies are trying to sleep."

"Kale. Brendon. Marek. Bond. Answer. Me."

"Sage and Scarlet has the most beautiful brown eyes don't you think?"