"Run!" A voice called out. I knew it was a dream, but it felt more like a memory. A girl was running as fast as humanly possible, but it wasn't fast enough. She was like a gazelle running from a cheetah. I knew she would not be able to outrun her pursuer. My chest ached with every labored breath she took. My legs were numb and my eyes blurry from the wind. I was feeling everything she felt.

The me in the dream climbed a tree and tried to catch her breath. The deeper I came into the dream, the more I wanted to stay asleep and finish it, I could feel the heat of anger amongst the trees. We were somewhere in a forest and we were being hunted. I could tell by the shaking of dream-me's hands and the pulsing of her heart. Dream-me took a deep breath and slowly let it out. There was nothing she could do. A noise above her almost made her scream. She turned her head up and tried to decipher the noise. But she was pulled down as she shrieked at whatever it was.

"Stupid cow!" A voice yelled as a boot connected with her ribs. She kept silent. I began yelling to the dream-me to kick this man's butt. If she was me, then she sure as heck was more than able to. But the girl just shut her eyes and curled into a ball. The man grabbed her by her hair and yanked her upright. The girl's mouth opened but nothing came out. That's when I recognized the look on her face. Insubordination. Again, I cried out, hoping that she would hear me. She must have because her eyes widened and she struck the man in the jaw. I looked down at her in horror as I realized that I was in this dream. I was what she had heard and what had gotten her caught. As she ran away from the unconscious man, I jumped down and stood next to him. One singular blow to her head knocked her out.