Chapter 2

"Kuzahndra!" A voice called to me. Thankfully, it wasn't in a dream. Nonetheless I buried my head into the cushion. Now I knew how Wiley Coyote, Sylvester Pussycat, and Tom the Cat felt being beat with everything available to their owners. I'll never laugh at their misfortune again. (And for you dopes out there, yes, I am lying.)

"Head. Pain. Need. Sleep. Please." My words were muffled but I knew Calhoun (my dad love's old westerns) would understand me perfectly.

"We're taking you to the hospital." He said picking me up. I was still wrapped up in my sheet so he had to lift it and me.

"We just came from there yesterday." It was shocking to me that I was able to communicate with my face on his shoulder, and my head throbbing like a cartoon character's thumb when it gets hit.

"No that was two weeks ago. You shouldn't be sick still." I was too weak to tell him that I felt a little better. But I think that was best since I probably would have told him that while he's at work I force myself to finish the choreography for my dance class. That would be why I'm not getting any better. That and I stopped eating last week when I realized that I was throwing up more than Keshena Robertson when she realized that Lawrence had sent a rock with a worm squirming around it with a card saying "You are the rock that I orbit around." I mean, seriously? That's gross and stupid.

"Is she okay?" A voice said softly. It sounded familiar but I couldn't figure it out. I quite literally passed out.

"You shouldn't have come." My twin said harshly. "I told you to stay with mom."

I recognized her tone from my previous dream, but I was confused as to what was going on and what she was talking about. But somehow, my mouth moved and formed words. "Mom. She's gone."

The look on her face went from annoyance to shock to anger in four seconds flat. "What do you mean, gone?"

My voice came out strained. "I don't know. I went upstairs and she was gone. Everything was locked up tight. She must've used It. I don't understand how or why but she must have." Now, at this point I thought that I was losing it completely. What was It and why did I feel like there should be a piano in the background playing that danged music from Jaws?

"Then, we have to use It also." She said, taking my hand. "Think about her like we did that first time?"

"First time?" I asked, and either she was ignoring me, or I had actually thought it. Suddenly, the scene around me changed. We went from being in a crowded closet to a hospital. I felt a sense of doom overcome me and thought about our previous location. Suddenly, the scene changed again and I looked at my twin.

"They've found us." She said with a resigned look on her face. The front door opened and I quickly thought about my house. But nothing happened. I had one question to ask as a G.I. Joe looking team walked in.

"What the heck is going on?"

"Kuzahndra!" A voice echoed in my brain. I didn't speak, just moaned. That headache had turned into the Devil's advocate after that dream.

I took a deep breath. "Roundhouse. You. Shut. Up." My brain was throbbing and I felt like crap, so forming full sentences at the moment would have been a huge miracle.

"Sorry." Andy said, lowering her voice drastically.

"What?" I asked slowly turning to face her. I realized that I was in a hospital bed and an I.V. was in my arm. "What the Halle ?"

"You know, I never realized how much you substitute normal curse words for celebrities." She took a sip from her iced cappuccino and looked at me closely. "There's something wrong with you."

"Well, duh! I'm having freaky dreams about a danged twin and I'm suffering from three week flu. What do you think?"

It was like I had never spoken. "You glowed. I swear to Nick Jonas I was about to have a coronary. It's just not natural."

"Oh, this is bad." I thought as the dumbest thought entered my head.