My grandfather died a few days ago of liver cancer. He was only diagnosed last November, but I feel grateful that we had what time we were given to mentally prepare ourselves.

The funeral was this afternoon, and I wrote this poem just a few minutes ago, so it's still in the working stages. At any rate, maybe it will offer comfort to anyone else who's trying to deal with a recent death.

Please r/r.

"Bye, Dad," she said
As we drove away
From that place of grief and pain
Back to the comfort of home.

We looked sadly at his grave,
And the sky mourned with us.
The flowers even seemed to grieve
Despite their attempts at gaiety.

And through our tears,
All we could see
Was a glorified wooden box
And the empty shell of a man
Who once was.

Yet as I lie in my sorrow
I realize that he is still here,
Living inside the hearts of each of us.

"Bye, Dad," she said,
But even as she spoke,
She knew somewhere deep within
That he had never gone.

(Written in honor of Gaines Campbell, Jr.)

~ Erik's Angel ~