The end where I begin-

Sometimes tears tell you all there is to say. And sometimes we have no choice but to walk away. Heartbreak always has its own way. My scars won't fade away. You wanted life to rain on me until I drown. You hung me up- smothering me with the words and the lies.

I'm alive; I can feel it. If you wanted emotion, look into my eyes; then you'll know the pain. If you wanted anger listen to me telling you that I hate you. That I never want to see your face again. You hurt me, and the worse thing is, is that you don't feel the pain.

The deceit. The lies. I should have known. I should have listened to those who really cared. I just didn't want to believe them. If you wanted my heart to break- it's not. It's shattered into millions of pieces, scattered around, and never to be found again.

I look at you for the first time. Hastily untangling yourself from her, shoving the clothes on that you had on this morning. Uttering apologies. Begging. Lying to my face. The deceit I see in your eyes is not my imagination. Tears fall, one by one, down my face, soaking me to the skin; glimmering like diamonds.

You reach for me, and I back away. I can feel my face crumpling. You can't touch me. Not after this. You glance at the girl, and my eyes follow you to her. She stands awkwardly, trying not to attract attention. My eyes bore into hers, and she shrinks back, covering her mouth with her hands.

I can't take it anymore. You say you're sorry, that it was a mistake. But sometimes we can't learn from our mistakes. I can't trust you. Because it will happen again and again.

The only thing left to do is walk away. Run. Run away from it all. Run far away from here. From you. And I do, running before you can catch me. Running into the rain- running until I'm soaked to the skin. You flash before my eyes- smiling at me with that goofy grin. Your laugh ringing in my ears. I let out an uncontrollable sob, sinking on a bench. You. Are. Everything. And you let me down, your hand released from mine. And into hers.

I feel a weight on the bench and my head swivels in their direction. It's her. Her face is twisted, her fists clenched. She glances at me but I've already looked another way. She says things; but I can't hear them, only gazing at her face. I stand up suddenly- she couldn't do this either .Her words stop and she stares at me- her mouth agape. She thinks I'm going to hit her. But I don't- I just walk away. I can hear her calling me but I just walk away. Away from all of reality. To a life that doesn't exist. I need to move on- I have to walk away- it's the end where I begin.