He sits atop his blackened throneNo flash of care penetrates his visageHis eyes are as obsidian

Requiem for Lucifer

He sits, imposing, atop his charred throne
No flash of caring seen on his face
His eyes are obsidian, his hair is coal
He is feared and hated in this most evil world

He made a mistake, all those ages ago
He lost his Paradise through his arrogance and betrayal
Now banished forever from the blessed utopia
He grieves alone, lost in the world of the damned

Souls beg him for mercy, but he pays them no heed
The screams of the tormented ring through his domain
His position is exalted, his power enormous
Yet he'd give it all up just for one more chance...

The blood runs free, the screams grow louder
Red fire blazes and blackens the cursed
The raven-dark eyes glare, showing no warmth
His mind is in the past, his soul cries regret

One more chance is all that he wants
But justice is swift, is severe, is eternal
Now Paradise continues, and bliss marches on
While, among the damned, Lucifer laments his fate.