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Y'know, being a doctor, I see a lot of sick, injured, dying people everyday.

I don't mind the sick ones.

It's the dying and injured ones that get me.

The young teenagers, coming into the hospital on gurneys with cuts, bruises, broken bones and bloody bodies.

It's just too much sometimes.

But out of all the kids that come through here, one in particular caught my eye.

See , when a patient comes in, someone gives me a folder with the kids main story- mainly it's their current relationship status, the name and number of the person their with, family issues, that kinda stuff

It blows one's mind how they find out all this stuff.

It's nice because it makes me feel as if I've known the kid forever.

Every once in a while, someone I know personally comes in on the ambulance.

Being a doctor, it's a requirement for one to not, under any circumstances whatsoever to let your feelings and emotions get in the way of your work.

The new rookies that come in to study and what not say "Oh, it's not that hard to be a doctor, it's a piece of cake"

Yeah, right.

I doubt they could handle seeing people, innocent people die without being able to do a goddamn thing.

Being a doctor is hard stuff, harder than one would think.

When I was studying to be a doctor in med school, I didn't think it'd be all that hard, until I got to where I am to day.

The upside, I get to save lives and make people happy.

My job as a doctor to the day, basically consists of dealing with minors.

I work in the 'minors/teenager' section of the hospital, mostly because when I was a teen, I was in this awful car wreck and I had to be taken to the hospital.

The doctor that dealt with me was kind and calm, he was very laid back and comfortable to be around.

He's the one who made me want to apply for med school, to become a doctor in the minor wing of the hospital.

Anyways, back to the point.

It was like any other Monday, I came into work at six-thirty in the morning, greeted by whoever passed by.

I did my morning check up on all my, well 'kids' as I called them.

I'll cheer them up, make them smile and laugh.

Mainly just to give them hope.

After the morning run, I go to get my morning coffee and skim the newspaper.

But right as I was about to sit down with my coffee and paper my beeper went off.

Before I could set down my coffee to check my pager, a voice over the loud speaker said "Dr. Hoffman, please report to the E.R immediately"

Without a second thought, I ran to the elevator and down to the first floor.

When the elevator stopped, I heard a young girl's voice saying "Please! Please, god please! Help him! He's in more pain than I am! Please, please save him!"

I then took a deep breath and walked out of the elevator.

Slender long arms grasped my waist tightly before I could move far.

The crying girl had ran to me and was now weeping with a mix of pleading for help to me.

I could tell she had been crying for a while.

Her face was wet-stained with tears and her eyes were red.

I put my hand on her head and gently stroked her hair, then brought her to her feet and wrapped my arm around her small delicate waist and rubbed her back softly with the other, trying to calm her.

"Shh, it's okay, just tell me what happened." I said in my calmest voice.

"I-I-I don't know… one minute, we were in the back of his friends car… I was in the back seat, and he was in the riders seat" she sniffed as more tears fell down her face,

"T-the next think I know, I heard a loud horn honking, then everything black… and when I woke up, all I saw was blood everywhere… I called 911 to help the other guy, but I took Marc and made my way here.." she finished, then her legs collapsed on her.

Luckily I caught her, then set her in a wheel chair.

She had fallen unconscious from blood loss, most likely, because I had then realized she was more beat up than I thought.

She had cuts and gashes all over her body.

I looked over at her boyfriend, he was even worse.

"Quickly, get these two set up with drips, blood and oxygen now!" I yelled.

The three nurses then hurried and did as they were told while I washed up.