It was cold, I will not lie.

I could see my breath as I exhaled. My fingers were numb, as was my face. Even though I was in 7 layers of clothing.

"Carrie?" Abigal whispered, even though she did not have to, we were alone...for now.

"What?" I said in a hushed tone. I couldn't see her, but I could feel the faintest feel of heat coming off her..

"How much longer?" I closed my eyes, this is a question I knew no answer too.

"I-I have no idea, all I know is that we are stuck in here, till its over."

Why did I say that out loud? That is just going to make her want more answers.

"Carrie?" My eyes rolled into the back of my head.

"Yes, Abigal." My voice of full of aggravation.

"S-sorry." She shuddered, giving up on her question. I knew I was acting mean, but I wanted it to be quite. Maybe then I could hear whats happening. Which I highly doubt we will be able to hear a thing. These cement bricks are thick, and not to mention cold. As added torture this place had no roof, my eyes raised up to the moon. It was full, and bright. It made me smile, but a frown found my face. The full moon reminded me of the past...The one I try so hard to forget, the one that I am trying to let go of. But its because of him, as to why I am here. Along with Abigal, even though he has no use for her. All he wants is me, which is something I will not let him have.

"No, I am sorry. I am being rude."

"Its understandable, us being stuck here and all." I nodded, then remembered she could barley see me.


"Do you know why we are here?..." I knew why we were here, question is should I tell her? "Your not going to answer me are you...Carrie what ever it is I can handle it." She was in no shape to handle the truth. I mean, look at her. She is sixteen, and just lost her parents. I could not tell her the truth, I just couldn't.

"Abigal, if I knew why we were here...I would tell you. Your guess is as good as mine." She let out a big sigh.

"Carrie, I might be 2 years younger then you...Just because your older and you think you can carry the world on your shoulders, does not mean you shouldn't tell me things."

"Abigal, gets some sleep, I have a feeling tomorrow we are going to need it."

"Your not mom, you can't tell me what to do." I froze, this was the first time she has mentioned mom, since her death.

"I-I am not trying to be," my eyes fell upon the floor. Tears were not going to escape me, I made that clear to myself.

Be strong...

"Oh! Carrie, I-I am s-so s-sorry, I-I didn't m-mean it." Her arms wrapped around my neck. I could feel her tears tinkle on my shoulder.

My hand rubbed her back as I repeated, "Its okay."

I swear the next time I see that bastards face, he is dead.


"Your beautiful." His breath hit my neck. My cheeks grew warm, I was blushing. I didn't look up at him still though...My eyes were planted on the full moon and stars.

"You, my friend are a suck up, so tell me whats your plan?" I asked, still not giving him the satisfaction of looking at him. I knew he was wanting with ever bone in his body for our eyes to meet.

"What do you mean, plan?" He said.

"Oh, come on Mitch, I am no stupid. You take me to dinner, then you bring me to the park. We sit on the hood of your car and stare at the stars. You have something planned." His arm moved behind my neck. I knew he had a smile on his face, I had caught him.

"You got me." He jumped off the hood. Thats when I looked at him, his dark eyes stared at me. I was going to melt, he was to cute for my presence.

"What in the would are you doing?" I asked sitting up. He laughed and cocked a evil grin. His sharp features made me want to kiss him and fall in his arms, but what if he doesn't feel the same way? Just becasue he takes me to dinner and the park, means nothing right?

"I have something of yours, and I am debating whether I should give it back." This is Mitch for you, alway taking thing and making you come get them. I slid off the hood.

"What do you have?" I asked. He shook his head.

"I am not going to tell you, unless you can catch me." Right then he took off. I slipped off my heels and made a dash towards him. He looked back and laughed at my efforts to get him. I finally cought up with him (he slowed down). I tackled him to the ground, he went down with out a fight. But then it was all quick I was on top of him, he smiled and in a blink of an eye, he was on top of me.

"What do you have Mitch?"

"I have your heart." Which is he words meant I have your love.

How did he know?

"But you also seem to have mine." His words were unexpected.

OMG, does this mean he likes me too?!

"Mit-" I wasn't able to finish, his lips brushed across mine. He went to get up, but I didn't want him too. I kissed him back, he came back down. I was in total bliss.

Mitch likes me!

Present Time

"Carrie, wake up, I think someone is coming." I eyes shot up. I heard a click and a door creak open.

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