Abigal intertwined her hand with mine, she was shaking with fear. If I had not been telling my self to stay strong, I might be in the same state she is in. But over the years I have learned to control my feelings, until he came along.

By now I knew the door was open and someone was watching us. I stared unto the darkness, squinted my eyes, hoping to see something...anything. Then I saw it, a tall figure leaning on the door post. I could tell by the figure who it was...him.

I refuse to say his name ever again or at least am going to try. After all he has done, his name and face mean nothing to me. I wanted with every thing to get up and punch him to a pulp. But a scared Abigal that held my hand so tightly made me rethink that idea for a later time.

"D-do you t-think who e-ever it-it was, is-is gone?" Abigal said. She must not be looking hard enough to see him. Maybe it was her tears that were clouding her vision.

"Maybe," these word were a lie, but I wanted her to calm down.

Carrie, get up and come with me.


Please, just get up and come with me. I want to show you something.

Last time you said that...

Carrie, my love please.

Don't call me that!

Oh, but you are. I swear no harm will come to you, just get up and come with me.

No, I am not going to leave Abigal alone.

She will be fine, I promise.

I can never and will never trust you EVER again. So get out of my mind, and out of this hell hole you put me in.

Your the one that ran away, it was against the rules.

"RULES! How did I know it was against the rules to run away? You don't tell a girl who or what you are and expect her to fall in you arms. I ran, so for give me if you didn't give time to tell me the rules." I spoke aloud.

"Carrie are you okay?" Abigal said.

"I am fine."

"What are you talking about?" She asked.


Haven't told your Lil sis yet have you?

"Carrie, please I am begging you tell me whats going on." I stood up, dropping her hand.

"I can't...not now."

"Miss. Knight." It was him, speaking out loud this time and not in my mind.

"Carrie?!" Abigal half screamed.

"Miss Carrie Knight, please come with me," I felt a arm grab my elbow.


"Abigal calm down, I will be back...I promise." With that the hand lead me out of the room. I heard Abigal, every time she called my name it was like someone was stabbing me in the heart, and I was walking away not caring. BUT I DID CARE!

He lead me down hallway after hallway. I stayed silent and so did he...This unfortunately gave me time to think, about unwanted memories...


I let my head bang on the ugly blue lockers, over and over again.

What am I going to wear?

I had 7 hours until my date with Mitch and nothing to wear! I hate that he won't tell me where we are going. He always tells me where we are going.

A hand grabbed my elbow, I turned and saw Mitch. He looked worried at first, then he flashed me a smile.

"Miss. Knight, Why is the most beautiful girl in the whole world hitting her head on her locker?"

"Well, Mr. Danik it might have something to do with the fact I have no idea where we are going!"

"It bugs you that much?" He chuckled for a second then looked at me with a smile that could melt the world.

"Yes, cause if I don't know where we are going, I have no idea what to wear. I mean if we are going some where nice I want to wear a dress, but if we are going to the movie I could put on some jeans...but if we are going-" He cut me off, just the way I like to be cut off by him...a kiss. My legs were starting to feel like jello, I willed them to stand there ground. He backed away, and I saw his dark eyes beam at me.

"Carrie, wear whatever...Jeans and a shirt are fine, tonight is just a night I need to explain some things." He kissed me on more time. "You need to head to science class, and I have gym...bye." He said before walking down the halls. I started to walk down the hall to science, when Abigal got in front of me.

"I am guessing you just got done talking to Mitch."

"No." I lied, hoping she would not ask me so man questions. I simply walk away from her, she followed.

"Oh come on you never smile like that sis, unless you and Mitch have talked or even kissed." I had not noticed I was smiling. I wiped the smile from my face. "You are so in love with Mitch."

"Am not."

"You have been in love with him since he moved here your sophomore year, and y'all finally got together your junior year. I mean come on Carrie your in love.

"Why do you care."

"Your my sis, I am so happy you found someone. At first when Jay died I thought you would never let someone in your heart again-" I turned and looked at her. I felt the need to slap her, but I couldn't. She knew nothing about Jay and what happened, she was to young.

I stormed off, not listening to her call my name.

Present time:

Finally the hand on my elbow dropped.

I looked around and we were in a dinning room.

"Sit." He said. I looked at him and shook my head. I was in no way going to listen to him. "Carrie, please."

"Listen, I really don't want to be in the same room a you. So can you make this short and tell me what you brought me here for?"

"I brought you here to have dinner with me. So sit."

"I am not hungry."

"You have been down there for 8 hours, and your not hungry?"

"I am not going to eat when Abigal is down there in the same state I am in."

"She is actually being fed right this minute too."


"I promise, come on Carrie when have you ever known me to lie?"

"Ummm lets see,-"

"Knowing you, you can remember every time I've lied. But come on, Abigal is like a sister to me, I care about her to." I slapped him.

"Abigal is not anything to you and neither am I. So let me go, now, or I swear I will-"

"You will what? Come on Carrie, you can barely throw a hit."

"You want to bet?" He looked at me and smiled.

"Hit me." I did not think twice. My fist went flying in the air, he ducked. I fell back on the floor due to me losing my balance. He laughed for a second then offered me his hand. I slapped it way and got up. "You looked so cute mad." Right then I kicked him...in the 'area'. He groaned and fell on the ground.

"You look so cute in pain, please let me bring more pain to you." I went to kick him and he grabbed my foot. Making me fall on him.

"My love, you are so creative." He put his hand on my waist.

"You are about to be in pain again, if you don't take your hands off me." He smiled and leaned in...we were 3 inches apart, 2 inches, 1 inch...

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