"Never?" I looked at him, and blinked.

"Where I live is very far away...-"

"No." I sat up. Looking around my room, I couldn't and won't leave.

"Carrie, you have already said yes, there is no turning back." He put id arm around me, pulling me closer to him. "We will be happy and together, forever." I shruggled out of his grip and stood up. He looked at me shooked. "My love,-"

"Jay, can you give me a minute?" He nodded but stayed where he was. "Alone."


"NOW!" I yelled. He got kissed me on my forhead and walked out. I stood there, silent.

What the hell did I get myself into, I should have not said yes.

Why?...Said a voice in my mind, that sounded like Jay.


Oh, I forgot to mention once you have said yes, we can read each other's minds.

What? Thats not normal!

I am not human...


See...I am...

"I am home!" Abigal yelled closing the front door.


We had been eatting in silence for about 10 minutes. It seemed like in the silence we were playing a game, who will talk first.

Finally Jay broke the silence, "Carrie, I wanted to also let you know that the S.R.O is going to pay for what they did to your parents."

"What is the S.R.O.?"

"I...don't think your ready for all the answers, yet. I mean I tell you I am a prince and you run away-"

"Yes, cause you wanted me to leave my home."

"Believe it or not that was just a small detail to my life, there are other...things. But until I know you can handle it, I am not going to tell you.

"I can hadle it!"

"You already have a lot on your shoulders, so calm down my love in time you will know."

"Why do you call me that? Ever since we were 6 you have called me that."

"When you love some one, you should let them know." He smiled.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes, and poked at my mash potatos. My mind keep coming up with questions to ask like:

Where is you castle located?

Why is it against the rules for me to run away?

Who is the S.R.O?

What exactly did they do to my parents?

When they died, I was not around. I had ran away, which come to find out was a big mistake.

Is Abigal safe right now?

Can I trust Jay?

And another question that makes me wonder is How is Mitch? I hope he is still alive, I mean after what Jay did to him...

Flashbacks have ended...for now, I might have some later on...but for now, no flashbacks, so go jump and down...

Jay and Mitch Are two different people,

Jay is someone who Carrie grew up with. (He left a week before they started high school) (He was her first love.)

Mitch is someone who moved into town her sophomore year. (She soon fell in love with him, after she met him.)

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