It was backwards from the beginning. Aren't we meant to meet someone, get to know them, become best friends, and fall in love then sleep together? That's how all the classic movies say anyway. Our relationship was different from the beginning … we did everything the wrong way around.

I had always loved the theatre; there was no way I would have told any of my friends, but just the chance to escape from reality into a new reality created by the people up there, it was relaxing for me and my secret hobby that no one knew about, no one until I met him.

I still remember it so well; I was going to see a local group perform at the small theatre. I tried to get along to everything I could, always coming up with reasons I was out of the house, reasons that I couldn't go out with the girls, reasons I couldn't have dinner with my family.

I had never myself been up on stage but always believed what everyone said, I swore the people on stage could not see the audience. That was until I saw him perform.

I was in the second row that night, it was the last of their performance of this particular show, I had always preferred the last one, the actors just seemed to be so much more relaxed and put so much more into it. It wasn't until the second scene that he came on stage but straight away he lit it up, it was as if his presence took up the whole room. My mouth would have been wide open as I watched him perform. I could see from where I was that he was tall, at least a head taller then me and his body looked well toned. He walked with an amazing ease and confidence that I fell in love with straight away. He took on the roll perfectly and had every girl in the room believing what he said. Every girl in the room was also jealous of his co-star.

I just watched him in awe, and it wasn't until the last scene that he spotted me; it was that moment in my life that I remember so well, crystal clear.

He came to the front of the stage and knelt down, the spot light wasn't directly on him but enough light was around him so that we lucky people in the front could see him clearly. He looked around at the people in the audience, and then his eyes clashed with mine but didn't keep moving.

They were beautiful, breath-taking even. They were an amazing colour of blue slashed with a hint of green and surrounded by thick lashes, his face was hard and masculine, but his eyes definitely shone. He still spoke the words he had recited so well, but he didn't look away from me. I realised that I wasn't breathing and if I didn't start again soon I would faint. I let out a long sigh and he smiled at me, small lines formed around his eyes and they sparkled more if it was possible. I couldn't help but smile back and shiver; his eyes had looked right deep into me.

I didn't remember what the show was even about but when it ended I found myself standing up with the rest of the audience and applauding, I couldn't get his face and eyes out of my mind. I had never witnessed a performance like that before.

I quickly rushed out of the theatre to the desk where they sold programs. I had to have something of him to keep, or to at least find out his name. So what, if I was going to crazily stalk him around the city, watching every play he was in.

"Just one program please" I said, digging through my purse for the right change. The man looked at me oddly; usually people got programs before the program started.

I was moved outside with the crowd as I scanned through the pages for his face, I found it in the middle of the book. His portrait staring up at me

"Lucas" I said out loud seeing his name.

"Sure is" I heard a deep voice beside me. I turned to see a tall man in a long dark coat; I looked up and saw he was wearing a top hat that was pulled down to cover much of his face. He tipped it up a little so I could see his eyes, and I smiled.

"Come with me" he said and his large hand folded over mine, sending warmth through my whole body. I had always been against going anywhere with strangers, especially ones you hadn't even said a word to, but something made me go with him, without hesitation.

He pulled me around a corner where no one was, no one could see us or spot him.

"You were ama…" I began but his lips pressed down onto mine, hesitantly at first, gauging my reaction. My body reacted before my mind did and I was hungrily kissing him back as the kiss intensified. He had my back pushed up against the wall and his hands were holding on tightly to my hips. I didn't notice the awkwardness of our height difference until he pulled back from the kiss and I realised my neck hurt. I was breathing heavily and I noticed he was too, and that my body was still pinned against the wall.

"Amazing" I said finishing my sentence, subconsciously licking my lips.

"Now you know my name, what is yours?" he said, his voice deep and husky.

My mind clouded over and all logic and thought deserted me, I quickly changed positions moving Lucas so his back was against the wall, he didn't expected it so he was easy to move. I leaned up pushing my body against his and kissed him again. The kiss was hot and intense, driving me wild in a second. It was then like a bolt of realisation hit me … what was I doing?

"Shit, I am sorry. I gotta go" I said and quickly ran back into the crowd, hoping he wouldn't follow.

I eventually got to my car before taking a big breathe, I was shaking and feeling exhilarated, never had a kiss made me feel that way.

I knew then it would be a while before I could forget about Lucas.

A/N: Ok, so I decided to make it a bit longer then a one-shot, with the help of my friend Julz Oz. It might be a little confusing now, but I hope to answer all the possible questions you have in the next chapters. The first one is now kind of like a prologue. Let me know what you think :) and thanks for reading.