By: Muhammad Syarif Fadhlurrahman

The rage of thunders above the sky,

The whispers of the desert winds,

The regal presence of the shining sun,

And the majesty of the mountains

All are beholden to the eyes of men;

Men see the world around them

And find therein the entirety thereof:

The earth, the heavens and all else

Betwixt the two as their own and

Like onto themselves, they are alive;

Life is not what breathes and moves,

Life is all, and all is life to them.

They see nature as a nurturing mother,

Time as a wise and ever guiding father,

The mighty mountains and trees as

Mystical patrons bearing a great power;

They see great disasters and darkness

And ascribe to them evil entities hidden,

As well as everything else, they ascribe to

Them names, personalities and bodies.