A speeding muscle car crashes into Supermarket, causing a nuclear explosion.

Announcer: Alright you tube junkies, listen up! Rather than just sitting around on your lazy bums all day on the sofa, why don't you go do some off the hook shopping? That's right, some GRIZZLY shopping!

A grizzly bear instantly appears and roars before suddenly disappearing.

Announcer: Completely tuckered out from raking in that huge wad of cash working the late shifts? NOT TO WORRY!

NOT TO WORRY pops in and disappears showing the outside of Supermarket.

Announcer: WE'VE got you covered! Don't think this is some ordinary market we've got here! NO! This is Supermarket owned by the ALL TOO AWESOME, SUPERGUY BEN!

Superguy flies in and waves before soaring off, revealing the interior of the store.

Announcer: Supermarket has everything you would expect from an all purpose store. Groceries, toys, wear, and electronics galore! But all at a SUPER low price! TAKE THAT!

Superguy flies in again in front of the words "TAKE THAT" and smashes it. Behind it, rows of Superguy Ben Bobble Heads.

Announcer: You also get a FREE complementary Superguy Ben bobble head with EVERY PURCHASE! NO other store can do that! SUPERGUY BEN CAN!

Superguy winks, does a thumbs up, and flashes a smile.

Announcer: WHY ARE YOU STILL WATCHING THIS? COME ON DOWN to Supermarket, and shop till you drop, TODAY!

The Director, Editor, and Superguy finish watching the commercial on the computer. The Director and Editor look impressed with their work, while Superguy appears frustrated.

Superguy: That is the worst commercial I have EVER seen!

Director and Editor: *Shocked* WHAT? You serious?

Director: That is possibly the best work I ever did on a commercial!

Superguy: What happened to all the shots of me fighting criminals, and of me saving the city, and…you didn't give the bobble heads more airtime!

Editor: Dude, this is a commercial, calm down.

Superguy: This was supposed to be MY moment of stardom! The whole world was finally gonna know my greatness!

Director: Uh…your business is local. We don't have that kind of power or budget.

Superguy: What? How? *furious* I should've never agreed to do this! *Starts to walk out* Get rid of this footage! I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Superguy punches a stack of cardboard boxes before walking out the door. The boxes slam against the wall and fall down. The Director slides his palms on his forehead in frustration.

Editor: Just ignore him. We'll air it tomorrow.

Director: *sigh* Sounds good.

At S Headquarters, Samuel is still in the meeting hall, waiting impatiently on the podium. A phone in the back starts to ring.

Samuel: *Anxious* Who is it now?

Samuel picks up the phone.

Samuel: Hello? …What? Really? …FINALLY!

Samuel hangs up the phone and goes back to the podium.

Samuel: Okay! I just received word from the secretary! They're finally watching this! NOW I can explain my plan!

The S Grunts applaud, along with some shouts of relief.

Samuel: Since Wal-Mart has clearly become the dominant sector in corporate business, we're going to pay their empire a little visit…we're going to invade their headquarters, and conquer AND destroy their industry!

Fanatic cheers from the S Grunt audience.

Samuel: Our hour of victory is at hand! We'll show them little mercy until they beg for it! We'll be so hostile in our takeover, even Carmen Sandiego will have no place to hide! Let us go now to our battle stations! There I will further speak bloodthirsty nonsense!

The S Grunts grow wild and shout horribly cheesy battle cries as they and Samuel leave the meeting room. In the dropoff area, the S Grunts grab their weapons and enter the battleships. As Samuel enters the S Cruiser, a voice echoes from the speakers throughout the room.

Announcer: Now invading, Wal-Mart. A vast empire of department stores throughout the world. Enjoy their low prices, all day, every day, as you destroy every last inch of their Moneymaking industry. Remember to turn off all cell phones during your battle, remove all garbage, and buckle up as you enjoy your latest invasion.

At that point, all the battleships take off towards their target.

It's a typical day at Wal-Mart. Shoppers are shopping collectively, employees are hard at work. The Manager appears from his office and notices an old, dull, peeling wall. The Manager sees an employee near him about to move on to the electronics department, and stops her.

Manager: Hey, see this wall?

Employee: Yeah…?

Manager: Tear it down.

The employee sighs.

Manager: Okay…

The wall suddenly explodes in front of them. The employee heaves a huge sigh of relief. Then squads of S Grunts storm the store.

Manager: SHIT!

It's revealed that a small army of S Ships have parked outside of Wal-Mart. A police vehicle notices the commotion, and the officer in shotgun looks out the window in awe.

Officer 1: WOAH! Looks like this could be serious! Do you think we should-

Officer 2: Nah, it's just a bunch of rowdy teenagers at it again. I'm sure their parents will take care of it.

Officer 1: …Okay, if you say so.

The police vehicle then drives off.

More squads of S Grunts are entering Wal-Mart. However, they are noticed by a security guard. He raises his palm forward in a halting gesture.


The S Grunts simply walk around him as he stands motionless. The S grunts then wreak havoc in the store, such as shooting shelves into the ground, piling shopping carts together, and switching the men and women signs in the restrooms. Samuel appears from the rubble along with four S Grunts, approaching the manager.

Samuel: You should realize now that your corporate dictatorship ends here, into my hands! AND my rule! Surrender! You have nowhere to go and no one to rely!

The manager processed the information for about half a minute, then laughs heartily.

Manager: Looks like you put all your eggs into one basket!

Samuel: …What?

Manager: We've got billions of stores! And I'm not even the head honcho! What do you think you're doing?

This confuses Samuel, and it takes a full minute to finally be in shock.


Manager: Like I said, we've got billions.

Samuel: You will tell me where the Alpha Wal-Mart is located, NOW!

Manager: How am I supposed to know? I just work here!

Samuel explodes in a fit of rage.

Samuel: You're COMPLETELY USELESS! Grunts! Destroy this facility, we're done here! …Grunts?

Samuel looks to see that the S Grunts are busily shopping for groceries.

Samuel: What are you Grunts DOING? This is mutiny!

S Grunt 1: What? These are amazing deals!

Samuel: Why don't you just steal them? We ARE destroying the place, you know.

S Grunt 2: But…I don't want to steal!

S Grunt 3: Yeah, stealing's wrong.

S Grunts: Yeah, yeah.

Samuel facepalms.

The Bongo Wizard walks over to the reception desk with determination. The S Secretary glances at him for a second before going back to her computer.

Bongo: Um…excuse me.

The S Secretary continues to work, ignoring him.

Bongo: If you have a moment, I have a request to make.

The S Secretary still ignores him.

Bongo: …Are you listening at all? I would like to file a compla-

Secretary: What do you want?

The Secretary gives Bongo a very dark look that says "don't waste my time". Bongo, being a little intimidated, musters up the courage to speak.

Bongo: Well…I would like to file a complaint against your leader, Samuel McLe 23,458. You see, he destroyed my tour vehicle, and I want to be reimbursed in money for a new one.

The S Secretary still darkly looks at Bongo.

Secretary: …That all?

Bongo: Yes.

The S Secretary points to a row of empty chairs.

Secretary: Go wait there.

Bongo: But this is-

Bongo couldn't finish as the dark look from the secretary returned twice as hostile.

Bongo: I'll…wait.

Bongo sits in the middle chair in the waiting room.

Superguy, Dr. Jeffery, Danielle, and M.A.C. (Magnificently Awesome Computer) are inside Supermarket. M.A.C. has a build and body similar to Dr. Jeffery, except his outer casing is white, and limb parts are black. He has blue eyes and long hair made into a ponytail, complete with a bandana with the letters M.A.C.

Superguy has a Camcorder in his hand. M.A.C. and Dr. Jeffery are giddy in excitement, while Danielle is bored.

Superguy: Alright, does everybody remember their lines?

Dr. Jeffery/M.A.C.: YES!

Danielle: Yes…

Superguy: Okay, go!

It is a second before Danielle walks up to the camcorder and speaks in cheesy acting.

Danielle: Oh no, I have all this wasted time with my earnings…and this commercial. Whatever will I do to resolve this?

Nothing happens.


Superguy notices that it is his turn to be on camera, except that he's still holding it.

Superguy: Uh…Dr. Jeffery! Hold the camera!

Dr. Jeffery walks in front of the camcorder and takes it. Superguy leaps into action almost immediately.

Superguy: Not to fear, fearful citizen! Superguy will save you!

Danielle: Yay…Superguy Ben, the most awesome of awesome heroes. Are you really going to save me?

Superguy: Yes, and everyone else that needs it.

Danielle rolls her eyes in annoyance.

Superguy: Welcome to my Supermarket! Where everyone can shop, and get a free Superguy Bobble Head Doll with every purchase!

Superguy does a dramatic expression as M.A.C. eagerly appears with the bobble head before disappearing.

Superguy: As you all can see, you can have everything you want, including me, at a low price.

Danielle mutters "Who would want to buy your junk?" Suddenly the phone rings. M.A.C.'s eyes, hair and bandanna turn red, and machine guns pop out.

M.A.C.: Who beckons destruction?

Superguy: CUT! That's a wrap!

Dr. Jeffery turns off the camcorder. Superguy promptly picks up the phone.

Superguy: Yeah?

Manager: It's the manager from Wal-Mart. We need your hel-

Superguy hangs up in anger.


Dr. Jeffery: What's wrong with Wal-Mart?

Superguy: What's wrong with Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart is my greatest arch-enemy since Samuel McLe 23,458!

Danielle: Wal-Mart couldn't possibly be as bad as you OR your enemies.

Superguy: Oh, but it is! One of my greatest competitors! Calling me of all things! Sworn enemy!

M.A.C.: If Wal-Mart requires bullet hell, I'll give it to them!

M.A.C. flies through the ceiling.

Danielle: Wait for me!

Danielle teleports out of Supermarket. The phone rings again, which Superguy picks up.

Superguy: There'd better be a good reason you're calling!

Manager: Yes, we need you! An evil organization is holding us hostage! I don't know who else to call!

Superguy: Hmm…sounds dangerous. I'm sure your Smiley face can handle it.

Manager: What? That don't…oh I see. What do you want from me?

Superguy: Well, now that you mention it…I don't know…

Superguy ponders for a couple minutes.

Manager: Hello? Anyone there? I don't have much time here!

Superguy: …I got it!

Manager: Got what?

Superguy: Give me full run of Wal-Mart, and…make me the new mascot!

Manager: What? That's ridiculous! You're our competitor! I couldn't do that even if I wanted to!

Superguy: Sometimes, Manager, even enemies will have to unite. We will be forced to battle for the greater good, side by side. When Smiley fails, things call for drastic measures.

Manager: …You may be right.

Superguy: Of course! Have I ever been wrong?

Manager: …I don't know.

Superguy: Okay then, let's go. Don't go away, rival manager!

Superguy hangs up, then looks at Dr. Jeffery.

Dr. Jeffery: What next, Superguy?

Superguy has a determined heroic look.

Superguy: We're going to Wal-Mart.

Dr. Jeffery: Yay! I can stock up on some electronics!

Superguy: Whatever, just don't fall behind!

Superguy and Dr. Jeffery head for Wal-Mart.

Narrator: Will Superguy Ben and friends be able to stop Samuel McLe 23,458's scheme like always? Will Wal-Mart ever be the same again? And will The Bongo Wizard get tired of waiting? Am I a great narrator or what? I got my job back after my ordeal in the first episode, and IT IS AWESOME! I have a good contract and everything now, so…until next time, when ALL WILL BE TOLD!