Walk a mile in my shoes

I walk in the gossip stops, I feel you eyes on me,

your judgment behind that icy glare.

My clothes are in tatters but they are clean,

my hair is scruffy, my look is sad,

no need to dress up I don't go anywhere.

Times are tough, times are rough,

the children need things I can't afford

I have no money to spare.

Have you ever walked a mile in my shoes ?

Did you ever battle to make ends meet ?

Do you know anything about my world at all ?

When day after day is pure despair.

If you can walk a mile in my shoes,

imagine what it is like to battle everyday,

think about how you would like to be treated,

now when you see me be fair.

Next time I come in please give me a smile,

say hello make me feel that I have rights,

my life is one of poverty, and sadness,

sometime all I want is to know that you care.