Eyes burning,

Clefts of stone and frozen steel,


Like triangles of glass

From a window pane


Ears ringing,

Vases filed with silence

Louder than falling vats of ice -

An avalanche

From the tip of mountain top,

Going downward, like falling tears


Tongue singing,

Taste the burning torrents of solitude,

Like happiness, only angrier.

Flames of fury and loss,

Enveloped in smoke,

Gone with water in steam


Smell of fear,

Of lonely desires,

Of apologetic gifts

And other impossible things...

Terror smells like

Thrilling frightfulness and revulsion,

Guilt of sorrow and shame,

And grief of sadness and hurtful longing...


Touching silence,

Catching quiet rain

In fingertips

Etched, each with unique designs...

The touch of forever,

The cool endless river of thoughts and



However much we wish forever was forever,

And eternity lasted for all time,

And we could have it all together

To fix...everything...

It ends.

It must.

I'm so sorry.

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