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-Blackwater Falls-

-Short Story by TheBiteOfFrost-

Love is our resistance/ They'll keep us apart and they won't stop breaking us down/ Hold me/ Our lips must always be sealed/ If we live our life in fear/ I'll wait a thousand years/ Just to see you smile again/ Kill your prayers for love and peace/ You'll wake the thought police/ We can't hide the truth inside… -Resistance, by Muse

-10 years ago-

Lake Thorne was out exploring the woods, adventuring out into the secret forest world behind his parent's lake house in Blackwater Falls. This was his first time ever being there, and him being the adventurous eight-year-old boy he was, he thought Blackwater Falls was the greatest. Woods completely bordered the mile-long lake, barricading the wood house from view of the rest of the small Southern town. Being originally from New York City, he had never been out in the woods, if you didn't count being in Central Park or visiting his grandparents in the rural of New York.

Since his grandfather was a farmer, he always showed Lake everything his grandpa knew about nature. Maybe that's where Lake developed his curiosity for nature and the Earth he lived on—he always was exploring his grandparents rural farmland or out in nature reserves doing what he did best: exploring. He'd wear a baseball hat, bring water bottles and off he would go, for hours just exploring the Earth's hills and greenery scenes and the beauty.

So much like always, Lake had a water bottle on a satchel on his shoulder while he had his baseball cap backwards, his favorite way to wear it. He was currently climbing over a mossy rock, analyzing its rocky and mossy texture with his finger when he heard it.

He lifted his head from its bent position and stared out, wondering what, or who, made that sound. It was a small mewl, but it didn't appear to be coming from a kitten. He got up from his crouched position on the rock and jumped down before walking toward the sound, investigating.

At first, he saw red, thick splotches on the leaves of the forest floor, leading up to a snow-white fawn. It was half-way in the lake, the deer's eyes wild and rolling around in his sockets, panicking. It was wounded, perhaps by another animal, Lake could tell, but the deer must've fallen in the lake by means of escape. He knew what he was to do, and even at the tender age of eight, he knew it was right to at least try, no matter how scary it the plan seemed.

Rolling his sleeves up past his elbow, he walked confidently up to the deer, hushing it as he drew near. The deer, fearful of the boy and what his actions might carry on to do, thrashed on the pool of fresh water. Lake ignored the white fawn and reach out, and although it was struggling, he managed to get a grip on the deer, trying to twist it out. The deer screeched as its midsection was feeling as if being pulled apart, and the young boy winced.

Finally, after many failed attempts, the boy got a good enough hold on the deer to pull it swiftly out. The deer jump back, and had Lake been paying attention, he might have gotten out of the way of the white fawn's mud-coated hoof. The hoof connected with the side of his head—but had not hit hard enough to cause serious damage, but enough for Lake to stumble, pain ripping at his left ear. He lost his footing while grabbing his left ear as it poured blood out from the deer's hit. The boy tripped before he fell into the lake.

Water consumed him, blinding any light the nighttime might reflect, and it flooded his mouth and nose. Lake thrashed around, grabbing at whatever he could, but finding nothing. Fear sunk deep into his bones, willing to do anything to get back on the surface. The water stung his bloody ear, and red coated the water, blurring his vision. He tried to remember what his mother taught him—always kick your feet up, never stop moving. He didn't stop, kept kicking and flailing his arms, but the lack of oxygen was weakening him until he stopped all together. His mind fogged, his heart and lungs burned until, eventually, he breathed in a gasp of water, anything to accept his fate and just die already.

Just then, something moved. As water and blood filled his lungs, a ghost more than a woman was before his eyes, along with the flash of green eyes that looked like the moss Lake had been examining earlier. His eyelids slipped closed, as the woman pulled him out.

He gasped and chocked on the water in his lungs. He bent over sputtering and coughing until the dizziness and his vision cleared. He felt hot liquid run down his face before he tasted metallic blood, which made him cringe.

Lake felt a small, shivery tap on his shoulder. He looked up, surprised to see a beautiful young woman that was utterly breath-taking. Curly black hair hung loosely down her back in thick bunches, arranged in a way that symbolized classic beauty. Her skin was pale and translucent, with a body of a pure goddess, and a face of an angel. Her eyes were what captivated him more than anything, a shade of green that he had never seen before. He gaped at her utter beauty in shock until she spoke.

"You dropped this," the image before him spoke, handing him back his New York Yankees baseball cap. He hesitantly took it from her long, delicate fingers and he slipped it on, continuing to stare at her in awe.

"Are you real?" he finally asked her. "Were you the one who saved me?"

The most wondrous colour of pink coated her cheeks as she looked down, her long eye lashes shadowing her sharp cheek bones. "Yes, and yes," she murmured. Her emerald green eyes flashed back up, staring into his icy blue ones. "Who are you? I've never seen you before…"

"Me?" he asked. "I'm Lake Thorne. I'm staying at the lake house for the summer; my parents are renting it out. Who are you?"

She smiled, child-like. "Sorry—I'm Bliss," she said, reaching her hand out. He eagerly reached out and grasped her cold, soft hand in his, and he was surprised.

"Thanks for saving me, Bliss," he said shyly. Bliss laughed, sounding like the tinkling of a bell or perhaps beauty itself.

"No problem, Lake," she said. "That is what I am here for. Actually, I wasn't supposed to save a human, but…you helped out that poor deer. And for that, I give you this as a gift."

She hesitated before reaching out to cup her delicate hand over his ear and he winced before gaping in shock as tinkling small green lights swirled around her hand and his ear. He could feel the blood stop flowing out his ear and stared at her in complete shock. His ear—it was fixed!

She smiled, happy at his happiness. "How in the world did you do that?" he gaped.

"I'm not of this world," she answered simply; although she knew she wasn't suppose to share this kind of information with him. "I'm a spirit."

His brows furrowed. "Like, a spirit of Christmas past or something?" he asked, although he knew it was foolish, but he'd never heard of any other spirit other than that. She tilted her head back and laughed.

"No, more powerful," she finally said, tapping her chin, as if thinking it over. "Although I'll pass on the good word to Stryker that he has a fan." Lake nodded, still uncertain as she sat down on a rock. Her white gown was finely decorated with white lace and layered in silk-like textures, ruffling on the bottom.

"I am an elemental Earth spirit," she explained. The boy nodded vigorously, like anyone his age, willing to believe in anything willing to be believed on. "We live only a hundred years, but I suppose that shouldn't matter now. I get energy from the Earth, and She gives me certain nature assignments. But I gave you a little power of mine to stop the bleeding." She sighed, looking at him somewhat sadly. "It hasn't healed, unfortunately," Bliss said, aggravated at herself for being so weak. "You might experience hearing difficulties. I'm sorry I'm not as strong with my element as my sisters are…"

"When will I see you again?" he asked eagerly. It didn't matter that she was odd, or what or who she was, all he wanted was to meet and see her again. Bliss merely smiled at Lake, feeling a little bit the same way.

"I only come out at night—it's safer that way, to keep away from humans," she laughed a little at the end. "Though I now suppose it hasn't worked out as well as Hiatus would have liked…" She quirked an eye brow. "Why are you out here?" Bliss asked.

He blushed. "Oh, I like nature, too," he said, which made Bliss smile with pride at her new friend. "So I go exploring sometimes. Maybe we could go exploring together sometime?" he asked, smiling wider. Bliss noticed one of his canine teeth was missing, which amused her too.

"Yes, of course," she agreed. "How about we meet tomorrow night?"

"How about every night?" he asked, bouncing on the balls of his feet. She nodded, too, liking the idea of spending time with this strange, young boy. He then looked at his watch. "It's almost my bed time," he said, disappointment undeniable in his voice. He looked up at her from the shadows of his cap. "See you tomorrow night?" he asked, just to be certain.

Bliss nodded. "Always," she whispered before Lake turned and ran back toward the lake house on Blackwater Falls Lake.


Like every night since that night, so many summers ago, Lake Thorne prepared his bag full of water and food and books. Grabbing his favorite baseball cap, he twisted it around his blonde hair and shouted for his parents what he said every night of every summer they go to Blackwater Falls, "I'm going out to the woods!"

Excitement pulsed in his veins as he started his trek into the forest. He would be seeing Bliss again, and couldn't wait to spend time with her again. Over time, Bliss and Lake had grown a friendship deeper than anything they had ever experienced. He told her things no one would even write in their diary. She listened, silent and beautiful, while she told him things of the Otherworld. Of the souls that protected this world and all things that possessed it. After she would die, she would go there, too, like the human's version of Heaven.

She told him about her sisters of the other elements: Essence, the spirit of air; Mercy, the spirit of water; Temptress, the spirit of fire. She would go on for hours about her sisters: how angry Temptress could get at times and how emotional Mercy would be and how at times Essence would only be there physically, but never really there, almost as if she were in her own private world.

Lake told her of his life outside of Blackwater Falls, of his high school and friends and past girlfriends. He would bring poetry to read to her, but she especially liked books. She adored Pride and Prejudice and liked Jane Eyre, but loved the goosebumps she would get when Lake read her Frankenstein or Dante's Inferno. She had a fondness over poetry, her favorites consisting of e.e. cummings and Emily Dickinson, and especially Robert Frost. Such writing had no availability in her World of Other Worldly Things—poetry and writings such as these were forbidden because it was human. She would sometimes make up poems just for fun, and Lake would be beside her, just listening as her creative and gorgeous mind went away with her imagination.

As soon as Lake saw her, sitting on the same rock they first met, his heart leapt and pounded over-time in his chest. He walked up to her, a small smile on his face, and placed his warm hands on her cold shoulders. She didn't jump, but merely looked at him over her shoulder, smiling blissfully.

"I've missed you," Lake whispered into her ear. She sighed, smiling up at him. He sat next to her, wrapping her form in his, hugging her for all that it was worth. She was still as beautiful and as captivating as the day he almost drowned in the lake. Lake almost drowned in the lake, he thought, remembering how he and Bliss would always joke about that. But, ever since then, Lake has never swam again. He was deathly afraid of water since that day not so long ago—he had to take a shower at the age of eight because of the haunting childhood memory.

Bliss opened her mouth, saying, "It's been a long time, Lake. I wasn't sure if you were coming."

Lake nuzzled his nose in her shoulder, breathing her woodsy scent of pinecones and fresh spring water that he missed so much. She sighed contently, her love for him so intense it nearly burst in her chest. His love for her was returning, but they both stayed silent, wanting to continue on the silence. He kissed her right ear lightly before whispering into her ear.

"And yet here I am," he whispered. "Like always." He twirled a black curl in-between his finger tips before lovingly kissing her shoulder.

Bliss has always been some-what of a mystery to Lake Thorne. Although she spoke to him often about the Otherworld and the Other Worldly Things, he never quite knew much about her. He never asked, but he wondered how someone could be as she was. He wanted to be with her—always. He wanted to know if there was a way for them to be together in the Otherworld.

"Lake, there is something important I must tell you," she whispered to him suddenly. He furrowed his brows at her, looking curiously at her.

"What is it?"

"Lake, this is the last night you will ever see me." She hung her head. "I'm sorry."

-3 years ago-

That summer was hot, nearly baking Lake's gray shirt onto his chest. The night was not much better, and he took an extra water bottle incase he would need it. He walked a little ways until he felt cold hands cover his eyes, blocking his vision. He smirked, but loved the hand's coldness as opposed to the heat of the summer night.

"Guess who?" he heard being whispered into his right ear. Ever since the summer he nearly drowned, his left ear's hearing was nearly gone. But it was worth it—it was all worth it when meeting Bliss.

"Hmmm, is it Bliss?" he said, smirking as he turned to face the Earth spirit. He could have looked into her green emerald eyes for forever. He reached for his beige back pack, pulling out a tattered and torn book that had obviously been read numerous times.

"You have a new book?" Bliss asked, excitement in her voice. Although during the night it was hard to read, she made a little spark of light over the pages he read as Bliss would lie down or sit next to him. Since she could not read or write—this was also forbidden in the Otherworld—she could listen and picture images with her mind. She would sometimes ask to read stories again, such as the time when Lake was eleven and Bliss was obsessed with the Harry Potter series and the entire summer that summer was spent reading and re-reading every novel. Bliss had never known humans could have such creative minds.

"Sort of," Lake admitted bashfully. "I brought a collection of poems of one of your favorite poets, Emily Brontë. There's a poem in here that mentions your name, and I know it sounds stupid, but I thought you might want to hear it."

"Of course I want to hear it, Lake!" Bliss exclaimed, clapping her hands together. She hurriedly arranged bright green light fixtures above their heads, casting a glow on each other's faces. They both admired the other secretly, thinking how beautiful or handsome the other was before looking away, both also blushing.

Lake opened the book where a book mark was. He read "Remembrance", quoting the part that mentioned Bliss's name. "'No later light has lightened up my heaven; no second moon morn have ever shone for me: all my life's bliss from thy dear life was given—all my life's bliss is in the grave with thee,'" he quoted.

They connect their eyes together and Bliss was the one who looked away first. Deep down, she knew he had no idea how much those words of beauty mean to her—especially when she knew something he didn't. Something terrifying and so surreal Bliss willed for it not to be real.

They stayed silent for a while, the twinkling lights over head casting glows on each other's faces. Bliss looks exceptionally more beautiful, Lake decided as she swept her black, elegant hair over her shoulder. He saw a loose curl fall on the left side of her face, and before thinking about it for too long, he had reached out and curled it behind her ear, leaving Bliss's skin so alive.

After minutes of just gazing into each other's eyes, Lake whispered his love for her for the first time. "I love you," he murmured, gazing into her emerald eyes. She closed them slowly, almost painfully as it felt as if her heart were being ripped from her soul.

"I know," she whispered back. "And I love you, too."


It felt as if Lake wasn't awake, almost like he was in a dream-state as he stared intently at her. He studied her, and before he knew it, his blue orbs glistened with tears. "What are you talking about?" he asked, walking closer toward the Earth spirit.

Bliss's head was still hung over, staring at the ground. She refused to face him and his pain—she couldn't bear seeing his face as she explained the pain as it seemed to rip through her own soul. Her entire spiritual being quaked with sadness and dread at the thought of leaving him.

"I mean…" She struggled for her voice to remain indifferent as she broke his heart. But spending too much time with a human in the human world had brought out humanity within her that she never knew a wood spirit could ever possess. Could it be possible that Hiatus was wrong? she thought.

"I mean that my time here in the tangible world is drawing near," she started again, trying to sound untouchable and professional. "I'm…I'm dying, Lake. This is my last night." She closed her eyes as her tears blurred her vision. "I'm sorry," she whispered again.

Lake stood, frozen on the spot. Panic thrummed his heart beat in his ears as he stared at the wood spirit. No! It can't be! "I thought you said you had a hundred years to live?" he asked at a whisper, his voice sounded small and detached from the confidence in Bliss's voice.

Bliss forced back a broken sob that rose in her throat. "I know," she said. "And I have. I'm ninety nine years old. Tonight is my birthday. I won't be here when the sun comes up." Finally, because she couldn't stand not to look at the beautiful boy she had grown to love much longer, she lifted her head only to be met with the horror of Lake's depression.

"No," Lake immediately shouted, shaking his head wildly. "No, there has to be a way, Bliss. I…I can't live without you. I need you. There has to be a way for us—!"

He was interrupted with Bliss shaking her head slowly and sadly. "There is no way, Lake," the spirit whispered to him. "The Otherworld doesn't allow it; you know how we have rules…"

"You mean Hiatus has rules," Lake spit, sneering out his sudden hatred for the Spirit King. "When are you going to realize love is so much more than the Otherworld—that everything I've shown you for the last ten years has so much meaning? Is it that you don't truly love me back? Is because I'm nothing to you but some stupid human?"

Bliss shook her head wildly at him, cupping his tan and toned jaw bone in her pale fingers. She relished the feel of him, soft muscled skin, beauty in his blue eyes, and the thick blonde hair on top the crown of his head. Her heart sang for him, wanting nothing more but to press her lips against his full ones, to truly be with him forever. How could he not see her love and criticize her for her feelings?

"I want to be with you, I do," she said. "But…I don't know if we can." She bit her lip, not wanting to confess her fear for the Otherworld and the power Hiatus had. She was under the King's radar, and he does not know of the boy which had stolen her heart, if she even possessed one. She had not known love, true love, until she met Lake Thorne, and since then, she questioned the Spirit King's powers. But she had never done anything about her analysis and questions. Lake dared to hope now would be the time.

"But you aren't willing to try?" Lake questioned, hurt. His heart was already broken, and already Bliss, the woman whom he loved, was willing to give up on him—on their love?

"I'm just scared," Bliss admitted, and went to hug Lake around his torso, pressing her spiritual form against his human one. It just felt so right, and yet no matter how intense their love was, it would never be perfect. It would never be truly infinite.

"We'll do it together, you and me!" he said, hugging her tightly into him. "We could battle it out. And maybe there's a way for us to be together for forever. Maybe there's a way—there has to be."

"What are suggesting?" Bliss asked, but her heart as not in it. She knew whatever attempt they will make, it would falter and weaken. Nothing could over-rule Hiatus, and no one ever tried since the Beginning.

"I could die," he whispered, "and join you in the Otherworld." Bliss wrenched herself out of his hold on her and looked at him incredulously.

"Are you saying that you would…kill yourself?" The Earth spirit could barely choke out the words. Lake smiled a sad, small smile and nodded.

"If it came to it, yes." He grabbed her up in another hug, tighter and bigger than the last, almost like she was his anchor. "I'd do anything for you, to be with you forever." He breathed in her Earthly scent like a drug.

"Please don't," she whispered, tears flowing thickly down her cheeks. "I couldn't bear to live in a world where you don't exist. Even if I live in another world away."

They stand like that for a long time, just hugging each other and never wanting to let go. Bliss pressed her lips on his cheeks, kissing away any tears as he sobbed into her black hair.

"Lake," she whispered.

"Yes?" It came out as a choked cry.

Bliss licked her lips nervously. "Can you make love to me? Please—I want to leave knowing that you have a part of me with you forever."

Shock quickly melted into love and desire as he nodded. And there, the last night of their entire lives, however infinite one might be over the other, they made bittersweet, lasting love.

-One year ago-

Lake was sitting on the mud-covered and mossy forest floor next to the rock where Bliss laid. His muddy Air Jordans had specks of grass while his legs spread out before him, a thick book between his hands. Bliss, on a big sliver rock, laid flat, her eyes on Lake as he read about beauty in a poem by Emily Dickinson. She couldn't help but think of him, about how handsome and masculine the young boy she had once thought be immature and ignorant had grown up to be.

Once he was done, he looked up to see Bliss's eyes trained on him. Although he was thinking about her continuously through-out the poem, he hoped she could not read his thoughts. His affection for her grew immense over the last few years after saying their love. He had never felt this way about any girl before, and he liked how he could love Bliss, and how she could love him back.

"Did you like it?" Lake asked, more than a little paranoid. Had she been staring at me this entire time? he thought, and he blushed at the thought, which made Bliss admire his soft skin.

"I loved it," she said breathlessly. She was on her side, her head resting in her hand while her thick, flowing black hair sprawled around her. She stared up at him, her soul fluttering at how handsome he was in the green glow of the twinkling lights over-head. Her captivating emerald eyes held Lake's blue crystal ones for an immeasurable moment.

"Can you read me another one?" she asked.

As if he wouldn't do anything for her. "Sure," he said, shrugging. "Which one?"

Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "How about that Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem? The one about love?"

Lake's heart to seemed to almost burst out of his chest. "You mean Sonnet 43?" he asked intensely, leaning slightly towards her. Bliss needed no words—she just simply nodded to send the young man's heart in a marathon.

Lake reached for another book containing love poems. He found the page quickly as Bliss over-saw, giggling softly to herself as Lake almost got a paper cut in his attempt to be quick to please her. For some reason unknown to her, she liked the idea of him wanting to make her happy.

Lake cleared his throat, and started reading, putting all his emotions and love for the Earth spirit. "'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

I love thee to the level of everyday's

Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.

I love thee freely as men strive for Right;

I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith,

I love thee with a love I seem to lose

With my lost saints—I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life—and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.'"

He finished off, looking up, quoting the last line from memory. The wood spirit blushed deeper under his gaze, and the young boy never thought he had ever seen anything more beautiful. And he hadn't—he had never seen any other teenage girl that ever lived up to this spirit's beauty.

Bliss's heart was bursting at the seams for her love for this teenage human. How had she never thought of any other human this way? Lake was not the only one to go out exploring the woods, and Bliss would often watch the others hike or camp or just goof around with friends. But that was all she ever did—watch. Lake was the first human she had ever spoken personally with. Are the Spirit Gods trying to tell me something? she wondered quietly to herself.

"I love you," she whispered to him as she stared at him from her laid position on the rock. Her elegant fingers reached of their own accord toward his face and they flittered around his warm skin. His eyes closed, sighing in content.

"I love you, too," he said back. "So much." He stroked her cheek with his calloused fingers. The twinkling lights over head dimmed as the sun drew closer to the horizon, only a little more than an hour left. Neither lovers wanted to leave, but they both knew that a spirits natural form could not survive the sun and would penetrate quickly.

"I have to go soon," he said, admitting to their thoughts. She nodded, depression being compressed against her heart like a great weight.

As they stared at the other's beauty under the green flickering lights created by Earth's power, they both leaned in at the same time. Their lips pressed together, and they shared their first kiss—a beautiful, sweet kiss until they couldn't kiss any longer.

Afterward, they hugged and whispered their love and goodbyes. As Bliss saw Lake walk away, the last of the twinkled lights faded away with the beam of the sun's rays, the Earth spirit disappearing soon after.


The lovers held each other afterward, silent and content in their own minds as they never wanted their moment together to end. But as the nighttime moon began to disappear with the sun's rise, they stirred.

Bliss attempted to get up, but Lake held her down in his arms. "Please," he pleaded into her hair. "Don't leave me. Take me with you. I don't care, I just…I can't live without you."

It felt as if her heart were being choked as tears spilled down her cheeks. She didn't want to leave, but she was so fearful of the Otherworld and its leaders that she had no true idea on what to do. She kissed him again, so sweetly and slow that they both savored the feel of the other's lips on them before breaking apart.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, pulling back on her dress. His heart broke his pain over coming him and he felt as if he were consumed in ever-ending grief. He quickly got up from his laid position on the ground and reached for her, and she did not resist as they hugged one last time.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear. The wood spirit's form started shaking as tears and pain was suddenly all she could feel. This time, they both knew the pain she was going through, unlike the first time he whispered it all those years ago.

"And I love you, too," she murmured back in his ear. "You must know that—I love you." She held onto him tighter—now he was her anchor. "Remember when we first met, when you were eight years old?" Lake couldn't answer because he was crying too hard to even barely hear his love's last words. "I had no idea what humanity and love really meant for the Earthly beings until I met you. Never in all of my years of living had I experienced what I had with you. I never dreamed this was what love would be—or end up as."

"You don't have to leave," he whispered a choked sob. She kissed his tears away for it only to be replaced with more.

"I love you," the Earth spirit whispered one last time just as the morning sun broke through the horizon. She pulled herself out of her lover's arms to expose herself to the sun's rays, and pain consumed her as she burned. The pain only lasted a mere second before Bliss died, her spirit broken and twinkling green lights floated up toward the sun, to be consumed by it for the rest of eternity.

Lake Thorne fell onto his knees, feeling detached as he watched the love of his life die before his eyes and go from this world to the next, to spend infinity in the Otherworld—without him. He covered his face in his hands, crying heavily. He shouted and called for her, but of course, she would not come. She was dead now, living in Their Heaven. His mind was scattered as thoughts of her consumed his mind. Then, an idea came to him, blossoming until that was his only thought. He looked over at the lake, the one he nearly drowned and died in ten years ago before being saved by his love. He had hated being in water ever since, and he would never go in the water because of his lingering memory.

He walked heavily, his mind entirely on the wood spirit and his love and their forever that should have happened. As he neared the lake, his fear evaporated as he took his baseball hat and placed it back on his head. He looked at his reflection the water for a moment before closing his eyes, releasing all the air in his lungs and feel into the lake.

It felt as if it were a re-run as he choked on lake water, except there was no blood or Earth spirit. He struggled a little, but accepted his fate and quickly gave up and took deep breathes of water. Black dots spotted his vision as his body dragged further and further down in the bottom of the lake. And there, Lake Thorne died.

-Ninety years into the future-

Asher Woods was out exploring the woods, adventuring out into the secret forest world behind her parent's lake house in Blackwater Falls. She was never very particular about the forest, but being away from the small, boring town she was originally from was better than nothing. She never liked big cities anyways, and exploring the tree tops was good for bat-watching. Back from her hometown, Clumberland, she would climb all the trees there all the time, but the trees here were way better than the boring two-feet-high ones in Clumberland.

The ten-year-old had on her binoculars around her neck as she trekked on out toward the woods. Her hiking boots were strapped and tied tightly, and her being the experienced tree-climber she thoughts she was, she was confident to catch sight of at least a few bats.

She swept her long, red hair in a bun as she neared a tree that was at least fifteen-feet-tell with a wide trunk. Slipping her black glasses on, she jumped for a low-hanging branch and started her climb up. Asher would be good at concentrating, focusing on the task at hand as she climbed higher and higher. Looking down was never an issue; it was looking up into the sky that would make her palms sweat and make her shake with fear.

When she felt she was high up, she sat on a thick, supporting branch, and she took out her camera, looking around for bats. They did not disappoint. Well into an hour of taking pictures of fruit bats and vampire bats and all other kinds, she might have to buy a whole new camera just fit in all of the bats on her camera!

After about two hours of taking pictures in the night, she climbed down slowly, taking her time. Asher noticed it has gotten extremely dark since she first started taking pictures and fear invaded her. Then, it happened. She lost her footing, losing her grip of the branch in front of her, and gravity took its toll as she fell quickly down back to the Earth.

But what she didn't feel was hard earth and leaves and mud—instead, those feelings were replaced with cold, strong arms and a broad chest. Asher looked up, frightened and caught-off guard. She was met with kind blue eyes, an aged distressed face—a face and body like a god. She blushed, and her Irish gene made her suspect that she probably looked like a tomato.

His smile was radiant as he set her down on the ground gently. "Thanks," she whispered as she looked at the young man in front of her. "For saving me like that, I mean. I'm sorry if I caused any trouble."

"It's no problem at all," he said, speaking his first words to her. He then handed her the broken silver camera. "You dropped this—I'm sorry I couldn't save it on time. I know you've worked quite hard to get those pictures."

"It's no problem," Asher said, waving it off. "After all, I am most definitely not going to be doing that again anytime soon." She looked him over, her eye brows furrowing in confusion. "I've never seen you out here before. Are you new?"

"No, I'm not," he said, a saddened tone in his voice. He avoided her green eyes, so much like… No, he decided. I will not think of her. He smiled at her confusion, meeting her emerald eyes. "I've been here for a long time, actually." He raised his eye brows. "Are you new here?"

"Yeah," she said, momentarily forgetting that her parents warned her about not speaking to strangers. "I came from a stupidly small town called Clumberland. I'm Asher, by the way. Asher Woods. Who are you?"

The spirit's smile was even brighter than before as he stared at the young girl before him. "Lake," he whispered, sending chills down her spine. "My name is Lake. And I am an elementary Earth spirit."

(c) TheBiteOfFrost

Like I said, this is a rough draft. I'm going to further-develop this, including the Otherworld among other things. Also, I thought I'd just point this out: I am not a supporter of suicide; it's wrong and doesn't help anybody! Other than that, thanks to all those to read and reviewed! ;)