In Facing Death

By: Muhammad Syarif Fadhlurrahman

There is no inherent insanity

Behind fearlessness of death,

For it is becoming to all mortals,

The old must fall and perish for

The young to rise and luminesce;

And there is no stupidity exists

Inherently within fear of death,

For all that live love life so dearly,

That they shed tears, cry, and wail

At departure from life, the beloved;

And that death so mysteriously bears

Secrets that may be unveiled or kept,

Uncaring to the curiosity of men,

Heedless to men's need of comfort,

Men suffer fear in midst of uncertainty,

That he can't warrant his safety

Of his soul and essence;

What ever shall happen once death

Overcome men and there is no escape,

One must bow in final salutations to the living

Whether one is in tears or in stoic composure;