Tulips for my birthplace,

Cold and green and perfect.

Apple blossoms for my home,

Hours spent in that tree in my backyard.

Hibiscuses for my grandmother,

So in love with Hawaii.

Carnations for my dad,

A gift to his girls "just because."

Bird-of-Paradise for my mom,

A garden once lovingly tended, now grown wild.

Sunflowers for my friends,

Helping each other reach for Heaven.

Red roses for a man who loved me,

Love I tried so hard to return.

Periwinkles for my dogs,

Trampled by all the wrestling matches.

Daisies for my childhood,

Crowns during soccer practice.

Wildflowers for my love of backpacking,

My own corner of Eden.

Jasmine for the night sky,

Millions of stars that make me feel so small.

Dandelions for sinful temptation,

Beautiful weeds that destroy the whole garden.

The grass and dirt for my God,

Without which the garden path could not exist.