Feel free to use the prompt my teacher gave us for yourself, but remember, the story below is mine.

© 2009 by Cara Vee. All rights reserved

Writing with Style

1. A young girl walks happily into her grandmother's kitchen on Christmas morning. Describe the kitchen and its activity in terms of her state of mind. Choose another holiday if you desire.

Early…so early, that crisp winter morning was. The sun was just rising, and the world was slowly waking. The little girl pulled herself from her dreamy slumber. Climbing from the warmth of her bed and covers, she slipped into her blue bunny slippers. She slipped across the dim room, her wooden floors making little sound. The bedroom door creaked open quietly, and poking her head out for signs of other family members; she snuck out into the silent corridor. Moving to stand at the top of the stairs, she pretended to be a ninja, and slide against the wall down to the next landing. Peeking through the garland covered railing; she spotted the Christmas tree, shinning like a beacon. She shifted her eyes, looking for other enemy ninjas, but spotted no one. She did, however, hear whispered giggles and conversation.

Making it past the stairs and tree (which had more presents than a toy store's); she slipped into the kitchen where she spotted her Mother, Titi Damaris, and Mom-Mom making French toast. Now in the kitchen, the French toast smell wafted toward her strongly. Her mouth started to water, and she couldn't help but smile. Her thoughts jumped to everything that would happen that day, painted dreams of her perfect Christmas filtering through her mind. Her thoughts were interrupted when her Mom-Mom spotted her.

"Ah Lisa, Damaris, we have the first little elf out of bed! Come here, Dezzi. Oh, Feliz Navidad, my Dear!" Her Mom-Mom said, tapping her Mom's shoulder to point her out, and then reaching an inviting hand out to her. Dezzi ran into the kitchen, her excitement boiling over; as her seventh Christmas started.