She looked from her balcony at her party guests. Everything was perfect. Her parents-recently divorced-were being cordial and her friends were bumping to her self-made cd. Even her brother was nowhere around to be a butt-wipe.

The buzz sounding from her bra woke her from her happy daze and made her scowl. She pulled it out and glared before answering it. "What?" She snapped, too upset at the interruption to care if she was being rude.

"We've got a problem at the front gates." Her bouncer said, his voice wavering, making her growl angrily.

"Fine." She shut her phone and slid her feet back into her off white stiletto heels, bracing herself for a fight, should the need arise. I swear, she thought, if something pops off, I am going to rip someone's heart out of their bodies.

She trotted, for lack of a better word, down the stairs and pushed her way through three sets of doors before finally making her way to the front door. It was the first time that it occurred to her that her house was too big for the four people who resided in that house, Needless to say it was closer to a castle than a mansion. When she was-finally- at the front door, she was ready to beat someone's head in for ruining her perfect day.

"Wtf?" She yelled at her 6'8'' bouncer, who was standing in front of three thugs who were obviously wannabes in the fullest sense of the word. They were sporting matching outfits consisting of gold spinners as chains—fake—baggy jeans—out of date—tight beaters, and green, blue, and red jordans. She scowled again. "Please do not tell me that humorless, dopey, and loser are not the disruption."

"They claim that they were invited-"

"You heard what I said about ANY intruders! Do they even smell like people I would want at my party?" The bouncer flinched repeatedly. She turned to the idiots in question. "Back the EFF off and go screw yourselves because in two seconds, none of you are going to be happy, let alone alive!"

The tallest one walked closer to her and scanned her 5'2" figure. He cackled. "Puta, you ain't nothin' we ain't handled before." He pulled her to him by her hips.

Bad idea.

She flipped her dark auburn hair behind her and grabbed the 6'5'' idiot's hand, punching him in the throat. When his henchman came at her she grabbed him and pulled her knife from her bra holster. She smiled at the youngest boy approaching her. "Move and the knife goes in." She moved to her victim's side and made sure that the knife was directly at the spot that would kill him, albeit not immediately.

"Yeah right." The boy kicked at her face and she swiftly moved the vic into the way and the knife was kicked deep into his throat.

"Told you so." She dropped the dying boy, ripping her knife out of his neck. When the green shoed boy tried to punch her, she easily dodged it and shoved the knife into his chest. She paused and grinned at her handiwork. A curse from behind her notified her to the last opponent's presence. She'd left her knife in the last boy's chest. The blue shoed boy stalked toward her angrily, a knife in his hand.

Yet another of his bad ideas.

She moved quickly, grabbing his writs, squeezing the pressure point on his wrist, and causing him to release the knife. She kicked his knees in and flipped over so that she was straddling his face-giving him a wonderful view- and placing her knees on his arms, keeping him in place. "Should've just listened to me." Ignoring his whimpers and pleas for help, she took the knife and stuck it deep in his stomach. Sick of hearing him cry, she pulled it out of his stomach and stabbed him in the heart.

"God." She eyed the blood on her dress. "Next time, just get rid of them. Everyone but family and you know who they are." The bouncer just nodded his Adam's apple bobbing in fear.

She stood and headed back inside the house, satisfied but still agitated. She hoped that no one else had to die tonight.

The Next Day…..

"Early this morning, fifteen bodies were found in the lake surrounding the-"

She frowned and cut off the television. "Stupid party crashers."