Ironically, it was the quietness and darkness that woke me up. It was truly strange. The house was never this quiet before, even during the wee hours of the morning. Also, whenever the sky got dark, the streetlight just outside my bedroom window would always light up; and it was so bright and so close to the window that I probably got used to sleeping while there's light. However, there was no light coming from the streetlight.

The wooden floorboards creaked silently as I slowly stepped out of the bed. The creaks grew louder with every single step I took towards the door, despite my efforts to be as silent as possible. I tried flicking the light switch in the room, but the light refused to come on. Shaking off the feelings of fright creeping up in my heart, I reached for the doorknob and twisting it, I pulled the door open.

The door opened with an even louder creak than the floorboards, which heightened my fear. However, what frightened me even more was that the corridor greeted me with absolute darkness.

I didn't understand. The corridor lights were always on, so why did they suddenly go dark and why wasn't there a single soul around? I was afraid of the dark, but even more so to be alone. Desperate to find someone, I felt my way through the corridor and finally found the stairs. I wanted to call out, but no words escaped my throat. Taking a deep breath, I clutched the railings as I slowly descended the steps.

As I neared the bottom, I finally caught a glimpse of a tiny shimmer of light through the front door. The front door was ajar, and the light was faint, but it was enough to lift my spirits significantly. It seems that everyone didn't disappear into thin air after all; they merely went outside. I fought the urge to run towards the door where everyone is as that would make me look like an idiot, worried over nothing. However, I still stumbled as I hurried down the stairs, and made my way towards the door.

In my excitement, I ignored my footwear and pushed the door open to meet everyone. Although it was not as dark as it was in the house, I could only see dark silhouettes on the front lawn. There was only a little movement in the center of the lawn, and there was a soft, but heavy breathing sound coming from the direction of the movement. But what greeted me the most was this wet, heavy smell. It was making my stomach churn, and I felt like throwing up.

I didn't know how long had passed as I stood there, staring at the scene. Fear had returned to me, and my legs felt like lead. I couldn't tell what was going on, but I knew it could be nothing good. Despite that, my thoughts were only filled with the fact that there were people outside at least; I was not alone anymore. However, the person didn't seem to have noticed me yet, and I was afraid to call out or enlighten him of my presence.

Suddenly, the whole lawn was illuminated by a light source. Although dim, it was enough to see everything in the lawn. Apparently, the clouds obscuring the moon had departed, allowing the bright, full moon to shine.

The first thing I saw was that almost everyone was lying on the grass. At first, I thought that they were sleeping and wanted to wake them up, but I noticed that they were all unmoving, and that they were dyed in red. To my horror, limbs were separated from the bodies, and they were strewn haphazardly about the lawn. Eyes remained wide opened, unmoving even though they were supposed to be sleeping. This was definitely not normal.

I turned my attention towards the only moving figure in the lawn. One huge man with an enormous build was holding up another smaller man by the throat. I could see the emotionless expression of the larger person, as he silently gripped the other man. His body was also splattered with the color red, but his face betrayed nothing; it was as though he wasn't breathing at all. The heavy breathing came from the man he was grasping, his arms pulling futilely at the single large hand that was crushing his throat.

It was then the man noticed me. His emotionless expression turned to that of delight, just like a kid who has found a new toy to play with. Immediately, he tossed away the man he was holding up till now like a used aluminum drink can and started towards me. In that moment, I caught a full glimpse of his features; he was taller than most of the other adults I know or have seen before, and three times as broad. He looked like an ordinary human that is just big and muscular, except that his chest and arms were oversized. His arms were twice as thick as his body proportion would suggest, and they reach all the way to his knees if he had let them droop at his sides. His hands were oddly shaped too, as though they were claws instead of fingers.

Although his stature would suggest him being slow and clumsy, he covered the distance towards me in just a few seconds. He stopped right in front of me and pulled his right arm back, ready to strike at me. However, in that split second just before he was about to bring his claw down, there was a movement from the corner of my eye from a figure lying about ten steps away.

Before I realized what was happening, a large wolf got in the way between that claw and me. The wolf howled in pain as the claw slashed it; it was the loudest sound that I have heard ever since I woke up. However, it endured the pain and pushed me back in the direction towards the house. However, it had no energy left, and only managed to push me back a few steps.

As I fell back, the man raised his claw again and beheaded the wolf in one swift, single stroke. The head fell in front of me, as I stared at the scene in horror. Both the decapitated body and the head immediately transformed into a human figure, and I screamed as I recognized the person who just died in front of me as the person whom I called 'Mom'.

I tried to scramble back, but the man grabbed me by the throat and lifted me, bringing his face close to mine and smiled. There, I saw rows of sharp teeth, littered with unknown pieces stuck in between them, as well as his lower jaw stained more significantly redder than his upper jaw.

I couldn't remember when I stopped screaming, as I felt his claws dig lightly into the back of my neck, and the pressure around my neck increase to the point where I could not even breathe, let alone scream.

The last thing I saw was my reflection in those bright yellow eyes before I finally blacked out.