Open your eyes,

The city whispers through your walls.

Every light, alive, glimmering in the ether,

The vapour and the cold sky,

So beautiful, it amplifies the hum

That your body set afire in mine.

While you sleep, naked in the pale light,

I translate the words the city spoke to me.

Into your ear I whisper:

"The city is alive,

Every light, a pulse,

Every voice echoing in the


The tram rattle,

Traffic exhaust,

Dogs and sirens rhapsodize,

Street rot, pulp, dirt and ink,

Grey in the gloom,

The edges where the colour bleeds,

Luminous halos skirt the streetlights,

And my body remembers.

Remembers lying in cool sheets

in the same city,

but far away from you

and your beauty and

the sweet ache you planted in me,

Looking at lights like this and

Yearning for the thing I hadn't yet encountered,

Heart pounding along with the pulse of the city,

Naked and sweat-damp

Inside of a darkest hour."

You are silent but for your breathing,

And I turn away from the window,

Breathless if I allow myself to really feel

how much I might

love you.