I breathe you deep into my lungs

You are so heavy

I can feel the weight of you

Being added to my body

Being molded to my being

Seeping through my veins

Soaking in my brain

Capturing my heart

Taking me over

I can't tell where my bones end and yours begin

You're under my skin

You seep from my pores

In pimples and sores

And wrinkles and tears

And over the years

We are one



What am I without you?

A jumble of molecules that no longer make me

I gave them to you

You gave me yours, too

And now we are soup

Human Love Soup

Everyone talks about how wonderful we look

But no one wants to taste us

We create a special ingredient,

Elements exist when we're blended together

And when we're apart,

I can feel it missing

That zest, that something

An essence that can't be described

I can see it in your eyes

You say you love the way we taste and

You seem to like my flavor, but

I'm afraid to let you taste it

It's a craving that's acquired and

I can't afford to waste it


You lay feather soft kisses in the heart of my soul

If let you consume me,