It is dark and I am in the shadows. I am running, from what? Or where? I do not know where I am going, but a cold sweat breaks my forehead. It must be important, or why am I running? My heart starts racing and I do not know if it is good or bad. There is light ahead and I am no longer running blindingly. As I near it I begin to slow down. What will I see? Now I am scared. I have been running for too long.

I stop and turn around. There is no one behind me, nothing. I hear something, something flapping. Its pace is steady and even and it is getting closer. I take a step back and squint one of my eyes as I prepare for what is coming. Out of the shadows comes… a bird: a single white bird – no a dove. A beautiful dove glides right past me, no above me. I turn to look at it as it glides into the light. It is so beautiful, and I can't see it anymore; I take a step closer, but still don't see it. It is gone.

I am staring into the light; I do not know what to do. I search myself for a weapon, anything. The only thing I have is my keys and I gently put them back in my pocket. My breath exhales from my mouth and I see the steady white stream of hot air as I take a step forward. There can't be anything too bad in the light can there? My eyes close as I prepare myself for a moment. As my eyes open I see a shadow cross the path of the light and disappear. I run forward chasing the shadow.

There is no more dark, only light. Everything is white – in front of me, the sky, even the ground I stand on. I turn around to look behind me, but the darkness has gone. I turn back to continue the path when I see something, someone in front of me. A chill comes across me and goose bumps appear across my arms as I tense up.

I take a step closer and look at her. She isn't looking at me, but staring off into the sky. I do not see anything there. I take a step closer and she seems to flinch but doesn't move. She is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. She is wearing a white dress and no shoes. Her brunette hair hangs just past her shoulders and shines in the light. I keep walking closer, slow, but steady.

"Who are you?" I ask.

She looks down from the sky into my eyes. My heart feels like it stops as her hazel eyes seep into mine. Her face is pale, and sad, but beautiful. Her cheekbones are high and light freckles cover her face. She attempts to smile, but it fails as a tear comes down her face and falls to the ground. I reach out to comfort her when an alarming sound penetrates my ears. I squint my eyes as consciousness takes a hold of me.