A poem from this weekend, when my mom was in the hospital and I didn't know what to do.

where's mom? By TheBiteOfFrost

the WHITE walls

and SoFt curtains

Beepbeepbeeping (noises)

e - l - e - c - t - r - i - c wires

Snap! (goestherubberband)

Faucets, running waters

PeOPle laughing

Learn to sssmile : )

Twist it A-r-O-u-N-D till

[you cant see it]

Pressure Pressure where's mom? - me?

cant be this hard - no!

Thumpthumpthumping (heart)

t - w - i - s - t - i - n - g fingers

Boom! (goesmybrain)

my mind is STAiNED


where's mom?

(c) TheBiteOfFrost