Hello, mortals. I am NymphQueen17. This is my first (posted) story. It is a murder story. Hope you enjoy it.

It was raining...

That is how this story would start if it was one of those "he-killed-the-ho-in-the-alley" type stories. But it's not. So I won't. I shall begin it like this...

It was a boring day at the agency. The guys were all in the HEAD's office watching some sort of sporting event. The girls were all crammed in my office having a spa party. Mik, my secretary, was doing nails. Nema, the HEAD's daughter, was giving facials. Leanne, the HEAD's wife, was doing make-up. Ermina, the HEAD's mother, was doing hair. And I, Kat, the vice-head of the agency, was giving massages. We were pampering all of the other girls in the building (janitors included, we wanted to personally thank them for cleaning up our shit, and gay guys constitute as women).

We were all having a good time, chatting like school girls (of which Nema was one), pampering ourselves (which was odd for Leanne), and gossiping like church folk (which Ermina did everytime she came here... and probably when she wasn't here, too).

We had just finished with the last girl and were relaxing when it happened.

Someone screamed.

We knew it wasn't the men because 1.) we had just heard one of them say "Who stops the Super Bowl at halftime? And for a news report!" and 2.) it was a girl's scream.

Then we got the call.

...So much for our boring day.