Hello, mortals. I am NymphQueen17. This is my first (posted) story. It is a murder story. Hope you enjoy it. I don't own Del Ray Oaks, Monterey, California.

Kellyn wandered around town confused. He was hopelessly lost.

His superiors had told him that the region's office wasn't that far from the airport. He'd gone around the three neighboring blocks four times. He'd seen nothing that looked like his building. How could they transfer him without letting him know where he was supposed to go?

Finally, Kellyn gave up. He decided to ask someone for directions.

"Well, I don't know," the man responded. "I've never known of an office like that around here. But there is a place you could go."

He pointed to a large, glass building across the street. "That's the Dragonfly Directory building. They know where everything is. I'm sure they can give you directions."

Kellyn thanked the man and went on his way.


I was sitting at my desk at the front of the building re-filing my nails. Everyone else was out at the scene, and I'd finished all of the work that I had left to do, so I moved on to my general leisure activity; personal appearance.

Then he walked in. And he was fine.

He was fairly tall, around 5'10" or 5'11", orangish-brown hair, and bright green eyes that could hypnotize you. He looked fairly muscular, too.

...This guy could be trouble...

Ever the professional, I looked him up and down, looked back at my nails, and said "Can I help you?" in my most bored tone.

I heard him groan quietly at my attitude. He probably thought I was a stuck up slut.


Then, he opened his mouth... and his voice was the single most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life.

"Hey, uh," he pulled a badge out of his pocket. "I'm Kellyn. I'm looking for my office. Perhaps you can help me."

I looked at his badge to see where I was sending him (and to get the rest of his information, as per regulations).

Age: 19; full name: Kellyn Stone Saint; height: 5'11"; occupation... well damn.

"See I just got transferred this morning from Scottland." it was then that I realized that he had the slightest of Scottish accents "I'm new to the country, and I was told to speak to Snow-"

"Well, there isn't anyone here who can help you at the moment," I interrupted. "Only the higher-ups are allowed to distribute such classified information. But I can direct you to the proper office and you can wait for my supervisor to return from her meeting. MIKEY! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!"

Kellyn jumped about a foot in the air out of shock. He whirled around to see why I had suddenly shot up out of my seat yelling at the top of my lungs.

The new intern, Mikey, was trying to sort out the paperwork that comes with being a guy with a desk job. He was going to sort some files but he was heading towards the room marked "CLASSIFIED" to do it. Only the higher-ups are allowed in that room. I was entrusted with the passcode to be sure of that.

"S-s-sorting o-out th-th-the p-p-p-paperwork, Mik," Mikey stuttered nervously. "Th-th-that's w-w-what y-y-you t-t-told m-me t-to d-do..." Unfortunately for all involved, Mikey was a chicken shit. He couldn't stand up to a door.

"Mikey," I said patiently. "Please read the signs on the doors before you enter the room. If you have a file marked classified it comes directly to me. You do not open it, you do not look at any papers that may happen to fall out. You pick them up, look at the cieling, and come directly to my desk. Am I understood?"

Mikey stood there shaking.

"I said, is that clear?"

More shaking.

"Hey," Kellyn interjected. "The lady asked you a question. Answer her."

Mikey jumped at the sound of Kellyn's voice. He nodded frantically, ran over to drop the files on my desk, and ducked back under the cover of his own cubicle.

I sat back down, sighing and began to look over the files. It wasn't until I got back from puting away the files that I realized Kellyn was still leaning on my desk waiting for directions.

...Damn, he has to be the single most patient person I've ever seen.

"I am so sorry about that," I apologized. "He's a new intern and-" RING RING "What now!"

Kellyn smirked, clearly amused at my distress. I stuck my tounge out at him as I picked up the phone. "Dragonfly Directory, one call and we'll have you there quick as a dragonfly. Mik speaking. How may I be of assisstance?"

"Mik! Hi! Great! Listen, there's this new guy, he was supposed to show up at the office like two hours ago. I just realized we never told him where the office was so if you see him could you-"

"Hot guy from Scottland?"

"Well, I don't know if he's hot. I don't know what he looks like, but-"

"He's standing right in front of me. Trust me, Kat, he's right up your alley." Kellyn blushed as I winked at him. "A Mr. Kellyn Saint?"

"Yup. Thats the guy."

"What do I do with him?"

"Direct him to my office and tell him not to touch anything. I'll deal with him once I get back."

"Got it, Kat. He'll be there when you get back." I hung up the phone and looked back at Kellyn. "I have been given orders to direct you to my boss' office and to impress upon you the importance that you don't touch anything. Okay? Please follow me." I rose from my seat once more and began to walk down the hall. I looked back over my shoulder to see Kellyn still standing at my desk. "Are you coming?"


Guiding Kellyn down the maze of hallways, I could tell that he was trying to memorize the many twists and turns that we took, but he was having some difficulty. Finally, he gave up and asked, "How do you remember your way?"

I shrugged. "I helped design the building. And I'm the main secretary. Anything that happens here happens through me. I keep this place up and running." I stopped in front of two sets of doors and turned to face him. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it! Now," I pointed to the door on my left. "This is the HEAD's office. He runs all major aspects of the buisness. And this," I pointed to the door on my right. "Is Kat's office. Kat is the sub-head, in charge of meetings and contracts, overseeing the workers and such. Wait in there, and please don't touch anything. She's very particular."

"Yeah," Kellyn said. "Thanks for that. I'dve gotten lost on me own."

I smiled. "No problem. If you need anything, I'll be right over here." I pointed across the hall to my desk.

Kellyn looked over slack jawed. "But whot aboot all those stairs we took? All those halls we went through?"

"I told you, Kellyn," I said giggling. "You get used to it." And with that, I turned, opened the sheer glass door and went back to my desk, leaving the shocked Scottsman to wonder at the secrets of the building.

I love my job.