Why is it that every time I try to forget about you, you'll be the first thing that I think of each morning? Why is it that every time I try to avoid you, you'd be the one I see almost every hour? Why is it that every time I try to stop loving you, you'd make me love you even deeper each time? Why is it that every time I want to talk to you, and when I see you, I stutter and not a word comes out? Why is it that you, and only you, make me feel this way? Yes, I tried to avoid you. I tried chatting with some friends, but there you were, walking pass me, smiling like an angel sent from the heavens. Yes, I tried to forget you, but all I ever think of, day and night, is just you. You occupy my entire mind, why is it that you never leave? Is it because that's where you belong? In my mind? Yes, I tried to stop loving you.

It was difficult doing so. I tried to force myself to believe that I did not love you, and that I hated you to the extreme core. But today, I saw you playing the piano. What you played was my favorite song, Fairy tale. That was amazingly beautiful, the way you played, the way you looked, the way how the melody just sounds so calming and peaceful to me. I've never thought that you could play the piano, and this was one surprise that made me fall in love with you, again. I stared blankly at you in sheer amazement. Is it because it was you who was playing the piano, and not just anybody that I feel so happy? It was because of that song too.

Is that… just pure coincidence or is it arranged by the heavens, written in stone and my road of destiny?

I did try to talk to you, planned perfectly what I wanted to say. Saw you, unable to contain myself, unable to move a step as my legs just went weak in your presence. And there, I just let you pass. I've never gotten the chance to talk to you because I don't ever dare to. I'd stutter, unable to say anything, and just left, if I talked to you. Love. I do love you. I tried to love someone else, like my classmate, some other people, but no. I don't feel the same way towards them. When I see you, I feel like I'm staring at the most amazing thing in the world, the most priceless, most rare, most extravagant object, person, angel in the whole entire world and that you are just irreplaceable. Others, no. I do not feel the same way. When you talk, I feel as though your voice was like the piano piece, violin music, all those beautiful melodies and the peaceful chirping of the birds.

You are rather compulsive sometimes, picking up glass with bare hands. You knew that you could have hurt yourself, but you still did it. Why? I was very worried. But the fact that you could play the piano means that you were unhurt, yes? I was ever so glad.

Whenever I draw, if I think of you, that piece of work will turn out to be the most beautiful art piece. Why? It's because I drew with love. Drawing with emotions, love, and appreciation does make the drawing beautiful. No, it is because you are beautiful that all pictures that depicts you are beautiful. Trust me, you are by far the most beautiful person that has ever existed. To others, you might just be another human, but to me, you're the only one, the only amazing one. The only person whom I love this way. Just like how to the world, you are one, but to one, you are the world.

Yes, when it's you, there are endless questions. But if they were all answered, I would not be here loving you. We will find the answer one day, one step at a time, and by then, I know, you'll still be the one for me.