Chapter 1

I had been walking on my way home from school after three hours of tutoring from both Math and Science teachers. I had still yet to understand either homework assignments, due in three days, or what we were talking about in class.

"Ugh, I'll never understand what their talking about! I don't speak math and science is all but gibberish," I said frustrated as I walked down the side walk, 45 minutes from my house.

I was a literature and history person. I was known as the book worm among my friends and they usually came to me if they had any writing problems. History, well it was just history. You basically spit back the information given to you, plain and simple.

The air began to get cold, well to me it was cold. It was almost April and I was freezing! I clung my purple sweatshirt closer and huddled a bit into myself to keep from shivering. My parents believed I had an iron deficiency since I got cold so easily, I just thought it was because I was short. This is true, at the age of sixteen I stood at 4-foot 9-inches. Pretty pathetic, huh?

As I was walking down the sidewalk I felt as if I was being watched.

"Oh, stop it Katie, your just being paranoid," I though. Still I could resist looking over my shoulder. No one was there, just the empty side walk.

"See, your imagination is getting a little worked up, that's all," I thought. Yet, I quickened my pace; trying to get home as quick as I could.

I was watching where my feet were taking me until I bumped into something, or someone. I almost fell but was lucky to regain my balance beforehand.

"Well, what do we have here," said a calm, gruff voice.

I looked up to see a tall man, well tall from my point of view. He was at least 5-foot 6 and was in a dark leather jacket and dark-washed jeans. His hair was short and messy yet still had a military cut to it, sort of like a widow's peak.

"I-I was just walking h-home," I said softly. I always speak softly when I'm scared or nervous.

"Now what is a little girl like you doing out so late?" the man said, his tone a bit mocking.

I hated when people called me 'little girl' before they knew my age, I get very agitated when people assume I'm younger than I am.

"I'm not some 'little girl' I'm sixteen for your information!" I said loudly.

This made the man stare at me with his blue eyes.

"Oh, that changes everything. He'll definitely like you, Tiny Tiger," he said, again with his mocking tone.

H-he, I thought. Who is he talking about? Then it hit me, he was going to kidnap me! With that I began to panic and I'm not the greatest panic case in the word. There are those who can think clearly when panic, others who can assume authority. No, I was nothing like those. I was the kind that ran around like chicken with its' head cut off, but at least I was a quick chicken.

I immediately ran, screaming as I went. This took the guy by surprise. When he went to grab me I had already started running. I ran down various streets and allies, trying to shake him off. But, my luck soon ran out and my energy went out. I had run right into a dead end.

Crap! I thought when I saw the brick wall. It was then I heard footsteps coming from the mouth of the ally.

"For someone so small you sure are fast," the man said, panting.

"Oh, I'm sure the track couch would love to hear that," I replied sarcastically.

He smirked, "Nowhere to run now little rabbit."

He must have noticed the dead end, I thought.

Crap! This is it. God, I'm going down without a fight! This isn't like you, Katie, I thought.

Usually I was the quiet but tough girl but now, I felt even smaller and weaker, and that just scares me! I don't like fear or anything like that, I'm still afraid of the dark at times but the pitch black kind, the kind when you can't even see your hand kind. I began looking around, trying to find some kind of protection or defense from this guy! Finding nothing my panic raised another notch. I then began to think about things I would miss: my friends, family, my mom's home-cooked meals, the crush that I was going to ask to the upcoming dance, Kyle – dang, I'm going to die without getting my first kiss! Now, my life is really pathetic, I thought! I then felt my pockets for my cell phone, and other electronics.

My hand brushed over my right jean pocket and felt my thin i-Pod and I mentally sighed. At least I'll have my music, then again my head is like a radio, I thought. That was one of my nick-names among my friends, Radio, because I had songs running through my head almost all the time. Even my family called me Radio. My thoughts distracted me as I felt something hit me and everything went black.

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