Chapter 4

Katie's POV

I heard voices but couldn't understand what they said; they sounded muffled and my head felt foggy.

My eyes felt heavy and crusty from dried tears. I struggled to open my heavy lids but finally did so.

"Ah, she's awake. Good Afternoon, Katie."

I turned to where the voice came from, a man with shoulder length black hair, tied into a low ponytail with deep brown eyes sat in a leather chair, Prince Marcus's chair. I rolled away from him. I was in no mood to talk to anyone associated with the man who 'owned' me. A shiver went up my spine as I thought of being owned; it made me feel like a pet dog. Now, all we need to a kennel and my nightmare is complete; note the sarcasm.

"Katie, you are nothing like a dog,"

How did he know what I just thought! I looked up to see the prince on the other side of the bed; I hadn't realized he was there when I rolled over! I sank deeper into the bed and tried to burry myself under the blankets when I felt a slight tug of resistance. I tugged back. God, can't they tell I just want this terrible living nightmare to end already!

"Katie, you can't hide from your fears, they just find a way to come back in the future. This is reality and you must face it with determination."

I peeked from under the blankets to see the other man looking at me and the prince with the blankets in his hand. God, I wanted to just curl into a ball and die! I didn't want to face them; I felt even weaker with them staring at me!

"Kyle is right, Katie. You can't hide from your fears; you've got to face them."

Kyle. So that's ponytail's name! I turned to the prince, his eyes weren't hungry; they were gentle this time. I began to relax slightly and lifted the covers off of me. I sat up in the bed and looked at myself. I still had my clothes from when I was bought on. I felt like I needed a shower, badly.

"Before we talk, why don't you go shower, Katie. It'll help you relax more," Marcus suggested.

I just nodded and got off the bed. I walked over to the door off to the right of the bed and peeked in. It was a bathroom with a very large tub that could probably fit ten people, a shower that could fit four people, a silver toilet and sink, with two large cupboards and a stack of fluffy white towels in a basket on the floor. Needless to say the room was only slightly smaller than the bedroom.

"Go, on, Katie. Take your time. I'll have a maid bring in some clothes for you, alright?" the prince said, shooing me with his hand. Kyle nodded in encouragement.

I nodded my hand, a slight smile on my lips, and closed and locked the door.

I decided to take a shower just as the prince suggested. I turned on the hot water and stripped while it got hot. I then hopped into the steaming shower and used a spice scented shampoo I found and some conditioner, too, both I assumed belonged to the prince but would mind if I used them. While washing myself I heard the door unlock and open slowly. I immediately crouched down, hoping no one could see me, even with the green shower curtain. I heard something placed down and quickly leave.

Marcus's POV (While Katie's in the bathroom)

"She's quite the quiet, scared little mouse, isn't she," commented Kyle, leaning back on the bed.

"Yeah, she's quite different than she was this morning, I tell you that."


"Hm, yes, Marcus," Kyle answered, closing his eyes, about to take a small nap.

"How do I encourage her to talk to me? I'm itching to know what she's hiding from me." I sighed in frustration.

A maid walked in with the basket of clothes I had called down for and we were silent until she left. Kyle then turned to me.

"Dude, you're the Prince. For once in your life someone's not giving what you want. She's making you work for your reward. Open up to her first and see if that works if you're so impatient," He said, yawning. "Wake me up when she's done, okay, man."

"Yeah, sure." I leaned back but had to interrupt Kyle one last time.

"Kyle, how about a game of twenty questions? Do you think that'll help?"

"Sure, sure. Just make sure to let her ask her own, too. It's only fair."

Kyle slept for the hour Katie was in the bathroom; leaving me to ponder over what questions I could ask, if she'd let me ask them. I guess I'll have to ask her when she's done. I let the rhythm of water lull me to my own slumber.

Katie's POV

I hesitantly stood and peeked out of curtain to see a basket with clothes next to the door. I smiled a bit and quickly finished my shower. I wrapped myself in a towel and stepped out of the shower onto the green shower rug. In the basket I found a pair of jeans, a purple short sleeved shirt, toothbrush, and other essentials; all surprisingly seemed to fit me, though the jeans were a bit loose but wouldn't fall down with a belt I found at the bottom of the basket. Whoever put this outfit together didn't do so bad. I brushed my teeth, put my i-Pod in my pocket and let my wet hair dry naturally.

When I walked out I saw Kyle and the prince in the same places they were when I left. I still didn't trust them, not yet.

"Come, sit, Katie." Marcus said, patting the bed.

I walked over, cautiously, and sat, waiting for someone to speak. I was determined not to break the silence, no matter how awkward it got. Marcus, excuse me, the Prince, broke the silence before it could even set in.

"Katie, I expect you have questions, right?" He turned to me.

I nodded. I did have questions, so many questions.

"How about we play twenty questions," Kyle suggested, "sound fair," he asked, leaning back in the leather chair.

I nodded, it did sound fair, though I felt like I was being treated like a scared child or rabbit; and they were coaxing me out of my hiding place, a place where I held my secrets… and trust. I suppose I could answer a few questions; just the important ones nothing else.

"Alright, would you like to go first?" Marcus asked, looking at me with his sparking gold eyes.

I shook my head, I'd let him go, I would get my answers in time.

"Alright. I'd like to know about your childhood. Is that alright with you, Katie," concern in his eyes.

He was being slightly cautious about this, asking me permission on what questions he could ask, this made me wonder. Why? Why so cautious, where's the scary vampire I thought I was going to kill me? Could I just have stereotype him? Possibly.

But, my past was a touchy subject that I didn't want to let out yet, for all I know he could use it against me. I shook my head no. It was too soon, I couldn't trust him yet. Trust can't be given away like candy on Halloween, it must be earned like a salary.

Disappointment washed over his face for a moment but quickly changed.

"Alright then, what do you want to talk about," Marcus cocked his head.

I thought for a moment, sifting through my thoughts for a few minutes as the silence crept in, again.

"Why was I brought here? Why was I worth so much?"

Marcus turned to Kyle, a guilty look on his face. Kyle nodded his head.

"You see, Katie, Marcus bought you as a slave. He's the Prince of Vampires and he needs slaves and workers to keep the mansion looking its best. He's the one who is in charge of getting the most valuable and rarest slaves for the mansion," Kyle paused for a moment.

When he said slave I shivered. It was as if we were back prior to the Civil War, I shivered again as I recalled all the slave stories I heard in school and the treatment slaves were given. I had a hard time accepting that this wasn't some sick dream I was having. I felt a tear run down my face; I began having a tantrum, trying to beat all my misery and fear into the mattress.

"No, you're lying! I'm dreaming! I'm dreaming! This can't be happening to me," I screamed as I thrashed on the mattress, both boys looking at me with shock and concern.

After a few minutes into my tantrum Marcus grabbed my torso as Kyle took hold of my legs.

"Katie, stop this! You must accept this as it is. This is reality! Now, stop it this instant," Kyle shouted.

"That's not helping, Kyle," Marcus yelled at his friend.

"Katie. Please, relax. Let me explain, please," he held me close, my arms pinned to my sides as I began wiggling around in his arms, trying to get free, with no avail.

I shook my head violently, my tears streaming from my face. Marcus just shushed me and stroked my wet hair for what seemed like hours until I had grown tired. I hiccupped through what sobs I still had, shaking my body every few minutes. Kyle let go of my legs.

"Well, I've gotta' run, Marcus. I'll see you both later. Feel better, Katie," Kyle smiled at me.

I wouldn't look at him and just stared at the wall.

"Thank-you, Kyle. Don't worry I'll take care of her. I'll talk to you later," Marcus said, never letting go of me and just nodded to Kyle.

An hour later and he was still holding me as I would continue a vicious cycle of tantrums: get angry at Marcus for buying me, flail around for fifteen minutes with him trying to calm me, always ending with me getting tired and hiccupping and Marcus always stroking my hair as I dozed on and off from exhaustion. Tantrums take a lot of energy out of you.

Eventually, someone came knocking on Marcus's door.

"Marcus, I have your lunches," called a cheery voice from the other side of the door.

"Not now, Elizabeth. Just send a maid to bring it in. You can't see her yet."

Elizabeth, is she like his sister?

"Oh, Marcus! I'm going to see her eventually; I'm coming in whether you like it or not."

The handle turned and I grew tense. I immediately tried to go under the blankets but Marcus still had me pinned from my numerous tantrums.

In stepped a beautiful girl; she looked to be about seventeen. She had gold eyes and wavy strawberry blond hair. Needless to say she made her gorgeous gown look like they belonged on the runway with her perfect figure.

Her gaze glanced over Marcus and focused on me. Her lips turned into a warm smile.

"Hello there. What's your name," she asked; her voice just as warm as her smile.

My eyes were held by her golden eyes but looked away, with much effort. My shyness showed as I was silent and slightly curled into myself.

"Awe, she's shy! How adorable," she walked over to me, eagerness in her eyes.

Marcus chucked as I blushed slightly. I wasn't used to this kind of attention, I just wanted to blend into the wall and disappear.

As she approached us Elizabeth put the tray on the bedside; on it was a goblet with red liquid, a glass of water, and a sandwich. I tried to ignore the red liquid as much as I could by turning my attention to the girl.

"Elizabeth, thank-you for bringing up the food. I was getting thirsty and I'm sure Katie was getting hungry," Marcus looked at me his eyes with concern and curious as to what my reaction would be.

I just kept staring at Elizabeth and wondering who she was and her relation to the Prince.

"I'm sorry I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Elizabeth, I'm Marcus's younger sister," she gave me another warm smile.

I gave her a small smile in return, it was rather forced but I hoped she hadn't noticed that. She looked at me with concern.

"You're not hurt are you? You look like you're in pain."

I looked down at my hands while Marcus tuned my face to him to make sure I wasn't in any pain. He let out a sigh of relief when he made sure I was alright and not injured, though I don't know how I would have been since I haven't done anything to hurt myself.

"She's not hurt, Elizabeth, I think you're making her nervous."

Hello! I'm right here, jackass! Elizabeth chuckled while Marcus sat, looking at me a gaped.

"Katie, I know your right there. Now would you be a dear and grab my goblet, please," Marcus gave me a puppy dog face.

I resisted though I did feel slightly guilty. I just crossed my arms and sulked all the while thinking, He had legs, use them and get off your ass and get the drink yourself!

Again Elizabeth chuckled and Marcus looked like a gasping fish.

"I think I'll go now. It's nice to meet you, Katie," Elizabeth said through her chuckles, closing the door.

Marcus just shook his head as he went over to retrieve his drink and swallowing it all in one breath.

"Eat. You look starved and I will not have any of my slaves going hungry," he said, handing me the sandwich.

It was peanut butter and jelly and I took it hungrily. I heard the double meaning in his words: one, I was his slave and two: he takes care of his slaves, no matter who they are. I grabbed the sandwich and ate is quickly, trying to get in into my starving stomach. I then gulped down the water quickly, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

"You could have eaten slower; I wasn't going to take it from you, Katie," Marcus said, slightly hurt.

"I was hungry ok. I didn't eat for a while you know."

Marcus went inside the bathroom and found brush and sat on the bed, right next to me. I was uncomfortable and tensed slightly when I felt his hand on my shoulder. He then began to brush me hair, which I thought was slightly insulting seeing as how I did know how to brush my own hair.

"I don't mean to insult you, Katie. I just want you to relax. My sister has my mother brush her hair after an argument and it seems to relax her; I want to see if this works for you, too."

Again, it seemed like he could read my mind. I'll have to ask him about that later.

He was right; it did relax me, much to my distaste. I began to calm down and relax as I counted the strokes. He brushed my hair until it was soft and smooth; I had lost count at 150 strokes.

"How you feel now, Katie," Marcus asked, running a hand through my hair.

I had dozed off while he brushed my hair and I could only murmur a "mhm."

Marcus chuckled at this and looked at me with gentle, gold eyes.

"Come, let's go for a walk," he said, standing gracefully, taking my hand with his.

I slightly blushed at this but quickly hid it with my hair by keeping my head down though I swear I saw him smile slightly at me.

We walked hand-in-hand down a long hallway, down a few flights of stairs until we came to the entrance of what seemed like a ball room with a large chandelier handing over the dance floor off to the left of the stairs.

Marcus then led me to a door across from the dance floor that led to massive garden.

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