Chapter 7

-Desmond's POV-

I think it was safe to say that we both enjoyed the movie once Casey and Megan had left.

The movie was pretty good, but I could hardly focus on it with a perfect girl in my arms. She felt warm against me, and it felt like a natural position for her to be leaning into my touch.

When the credits rolled down the screen, we shuffled out of the aisle and drove home.

"How'd you like the movie?" I asked her, once we were on our way.

"I liked it, I was glad there was a bunch of action in it. I've always been a big fan of the Wolverine."

I smiled, how could I not know she loved the Wolverine?

It was Halloween time, where it seemed as though the whole town was orange and purple. My mother had taken Michelle and I to a Halloween shop to find a costume.

"Okay you two, go find one you like." My mother encouraged us.

Michelle and I shared a look of glee then sprinted for the shelves of mysterious outfits. We were around eleven at the time, and still loved to trick or treat. I instantly headed towards a Harry Potter costume that had caught my eye. The package included a Hogwart's cloak, hat and Harry's wand. It was exactly what I wanted to be.

While I was inspecting the outfit, Michelle rushed up to me, claws bared. She growled, and hissed, "Mess with me or my brother Victor, and you'll be ripped to shreds!"

I took a step back, somewhat intimidated. But of course, I didn't let that emotion surface. "You like the Wolverine?"

The furry hands drooped, revealing a young Michelle's face written with mixed emotions. "Yeah. Don't you?"

I shook my head. "I like the movies and everything. But...I'm just not a big fan of the Wolverine. Magneto is way better. He's awesome."

Her face visibly fell. "Oh."

I remember feeling horrible for causing her to look so...discouraged. She looked like she was about to try. Not wanting that to occur, I said, "But you should definitely get that costume, Michelle. We'd be an invincible team! Harry Potter and the Wolverine! The best of both worlds!"

She looked worlds happier when I told her that. She gave me a toothy smile. "An invincible team," she repeated.

"We'll be by each other's side, no matter what." I agreed.

We must've been thinking the same thing, because we both said, "Harry Potter and the Wolverine."

Surprised, she looked at me and smiled. "I didn't think you'd remember."

"I always remember," I said, meeting her eye for a second, then back at the road. After a few minutes of chatting some more, we stopped in front of Michelle's house. I walked her up to her door, and we both stood on her porch. It was nearly dark outside, except for the porch light that was turned on.

"Thanks for taking me out, I had a great time." She gave me a wide smile.

"Not a problem, we should hang out tomorrow. Maybe the beach?"


"Cool, I'll text you."

I leaned down to kiss her cheek, but at the last moment she turned her head so my lips landed on hers. I kissed her anyways, our mouths fitting together perfectly. I nibbled on her bottom lip and a soft groan escaped from her. I kissed her harder, more passionately, not wanting to stop at all. Next thing I know, her porch light is flickering on and off like crazy. Confused, we both pull away and look up at the light that's flickering.

Michelle took a step back from me, embarrassment as clear as day on her features. "Sorry, it's probably my dad doing that. I'll see you later."

"Bye." I smiled at her, and she returned it. She turned and opened the door, her father standing there with his arms crossed. He nodded at me, and I held up a hand. I retreated back to my car, feeling more than satisfied.

~~Michelle's POV~~

The idea hit me that night.

I was laying in bed, staring up at my ceiling when I thought of it. The perfect way for me to be doing something for Desmond. Not just something he asked for or wanted to do, but it may literally make him better.

I would take science courses at the local community college over the summer.

Okay, yes that sounds lame, but I thought it was the perfect plan. I would take courses like Anatomy and Biology which would help me learn about the human body and such. The good part? What if, what if along the way I kinda sorta discovered the cure to cancer?

Okay, yes I know it's an extremely far stretch, but it's worth reaching for, right?

I mean, think about it-not only would it save Desmond's life, but hundreds of thousands of other people too! My discovery could help mankind! Or at least, it would in my mind.

Even if I didn't discover the cure, at least I would be trying. Attempting to do something more for him. It would make me feel better as a person, and hopefully he would sincerely appreciate my efforts.

So I signed up at the local community college for the basic science courses. It'd also help to get some college credits out of the way too.

With the cost of those courses plus the cost of the vacation to Tennessee Desmond wanted to take, I would basically have to work all the time. Well, maybe not all the time, but most of my summer, anyways. Was it worth it? Hopefully.

Desmond called me the next day like he promised he would. I met him down at the beach which was only a five minute walk from my house. I could feel sweat starting to accumulate between my shoulder blades as I walked there. It was the first week of June, and it was already 85 degrees.

When the white sandy beach came into view, I scanned the shore. It was pretty much empty, it wasn't really a well-known beach. I picked a random spot on the sand, and spread out my towel. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and took out my bottle of sun lotion. As soon as I had squirted the cold cream into my hands, I saw Desmond coming around the bend towards me. I squinted against the sun and saw two surfboards beneath his arms. Surfing!

I took the moment to check him out. Yep, he still looked as cute as ever. His blonde hair was almost white from the sun, and his skin seemed even more tan colored.

"Hey," he said when he reached me.

"Hi there," I smiled up at him.

"Here, let me help you." he swiped the lotion off my hands and moved to my back. He ran his hands over my backside, leaving my skin warm and tingly. He used the excess lotion for himself.


"No problem. Ready to learn how to surf?"

"I was born ready."

"I doubt that, but we'll see."

I scoffed at his comment. "Are you trying to say something?"

He held up his hands, but a smile was placed on his tan face. "Just speaking the truth."

I laughed and stood up. Desmond handed me a surfboard which had blue and green stripes running down it.

"Let's do this."

I followed him to the clear blue waters. He laid his surfboard on the water and skillfully jumped on it. Landing on his belly, he paddled hard into the water towards the rolling waves. Man, he sure did make it look easy.

Okay, I could do this. Right?

Who was I kidding myself, there'd be no way I could surf like him. But I could try.

I put my surfboard down on the water and instead of landing on it, I slowly eased myself onto it. Once I got situated, I pushed off from the sandy shore and swam hard to catch up with Desmond.

After a few minutes, I did, seeing as how he had waited for me. I panted as I finally reached him, and felt discouraged with him just sitting there casually on his board.

"Tired already?" he teased.

"No." I lied.

"Right. Well, we just have to wait for that perfect wave to come. Something not too big, something just the right size for you."


And within a few minutes, an average wave came barreling towards us. "This is it." he told me, paddling towards it. I hesitantly followed him. I could fall off my board, and the water was pretty deep in this part. Maybe 14 or 15 feet.

When he came to the base of the wave, he stood up on his board, and allowed it to carry him. The curved blue wave swept Desmond up and into it's middle. He looked so graceful, just standing there with his arms stretched outwards. I wished I had brought my camera.

He waved for me to do the same and I gulped. Well, water, it was nice knowing you.

I took a deep breath and moved to the bottom of the wave. I carefully balanced myself on my board and waited patiently for the wave to just guide me away. And after a few seconds, I began to move. The ocean took me into the wave, and I suddenly found myself next to Desmond. He smiled and I couldn't believe it had been that easy.

"Stick out your arms!" he shouted over the roaring water.

I did as I was told and I laughed. Looking up above me, I could see the perfect arc of the water. So perfect and smooth, it was impossible not to look in awe. Desmond squatted on his board, his one hand trailing in the wave. I did the same, and I found myself liking the feel of the slightly cool water. This was a great moment. It felt like time had stopped.

The glistening blue waters around us, the smile present on his face. And my laughter heard over the roaring wave.

And then the wave ended. The wave deposited us onto the shore like it had tasted something bad. I tumbled onto the sand clumsily whereas Desmond landed on his feet. He laughed when he saw me trying to wipe away the sand. I glared at him, and playfully shoved him. He caught my wrists and pulled me into a kiss. I kissed forcefully back, seriously not wanting to stop. When he caught wind of my passion, he pulled away only to plant kisses up and down my neck. I shivered from the feeling of his warm lips on my skin. And his voice was soft in the hot air.

"I love you."