No homework. That is one of the best phrases in the English language, according to Danny Thomas. He walked to his locker and put up his books then walked outside, fumbling around in his bag for his iPod. He stuck the ear buds in his ears and started home. He had an hour until He had to be at work. When he got home he went up to his room and changed into his uniform, dark green scrubs with dark blue trimming. He put his nametag in his pocket along with his wallet and keys then headed back out, figuring he'd take the long way. He passed Austin, his stepbrother, on his way out of the house, he said something as he passed him, but Danny didn't hear him because he still had his earphones in, so he kept walking, if it was important he'd call him or just tell him when he got home.

It felt good outside, if it weren't for the huge rain clouds hovering overhead it would have been nasty hot, but the cloud cover cooled it off and the threat of rain brought a slight breeze, he took a deep breath and smelled the rain. He's always loved how it feels right before a storm. The music streaming into his head soothed him. As he got closer to his work, he pulled his headphones out of his ear.

"Hey," his fellow employee, Kyle, said as they walked in together.

"Hm," he answered, they walked in silence and clocked in, then Danny went upstairs to vacuum and Kyle went off to do something else.

Once he was done he went back downstairs, Kyle and Heidi were in the kitchen, which is actually more of a kitchen/laundry/common area (There's a gigantic triple sink, an industrial dryer and washing machine, and ample space for them to stand around and chit-chat when they don't have anything to do). They weren't talking, but that wasn't really surprising, this was only the second time they had worked together. "Hi," Heidi said when Danny walked in.

"Hey," he answered, he picked up the list of things they had to get done and didn't see anything that he could do at the moment that hadn't already been done, so he marked his initials for vacuuming and went to go see if there were any new guests. He works at a veterinarian office that has a large pet resort in the back, he doesn't work in the hospital area, only with the boarding animals. There weren't any new boarders, so he headed back into the kitchen.

Kyle was juggling tennis balls, Heidi was nowhere to be seen, Danny wasn't sad she was gone, he doesn't like Heidi too much, she's one of those really bitchy pretty girls who thinks they're all that and above doing dirty work or trying hard, Danny wished they'd fire her.

There were some dishes on the counter next to the sink so he started washing those. He could hear Kyle bouncing the balls off the wall behind him. He glanced behind him to see what exactly he was doing; he was managing to keep all four balls in motion while bouncing them off the wall, it looked pretty cool. Danny finished the dishes and turned around, looking for something to do.

Kyle ended his little juggling act and Danny clapped sarcastically, he turned around and bowed a few times in each direction. "You're just jealous," he told him, smirking.

"Yeah, pretty much," he answered, he looked around the room again then walked back to check on the dogs, Kyle followed behind, obviously bored.

"You have Mrs. Shuster, right?" he asked.

"Yeah," he answered, "You've only asked me that like 29 times."

"What did you make on that test she handed back today?"

"97," he answered, looking down at a sleeping labradoodle.

"No way, how'd you pull that off? I got a 72."

"It's because I actually pay attention in class and do my homework."

"That sounds like too much work," he said, it was silent for a second, "You're in Rachel Wallace's class right?" he said, Danny nodded, "Did you see what she had on today?" They started gossiping. He's the only one Danny gossips with, mostly because he's not worried about him telling anyone what he says, he doubts he talks about him with his friends, no one at school cares about him. Danny doesn't talk much when he's at school. Heck, he doesn't talk much at all.

The next five hours went by terribly slow. It started to rain right before he was about to leave, he groaned when the door closed behind him, wondering why he hadn't thought to bring an umbrella, or at least a rain jacket "You need a ride?" Danny turned to look at Kyle.

He contemplated it for a second, "No thanks," she said, "It should let up soon, it's probably just a shower."

He looked skeptical, "Are you sure?" he asked looking at the slanted sheets of rain, Danny nodded, Kyle hesitated, it was odd he's never this nice before, "Alright," he said, finally, "I'll see you later."

Danny sat on the bench outside of his work for a while, and once it was obvious the rain was not going to be letting up anytime soon, he started walking home. By the time he got there he was thoroughly drenched. He opened the door in time to see Austin leaning back on the couch trying to seem nonchalant when it was obvious he was out of breath. Danny tried to think of what was out of place, he could tell there was something wrong with the picture. He stood there and looked at him for a second, he looked right back. "Okay, I got us both a beer," said a girl entered the living room through the kitchen, dressed only in very lacy, and very revealing, underwear, "Oh," her cheeks colored, her name was Sara, she's in Danny's history class, "Hi," she said.

Danny looked back to Austin, he finally realized that his shirt was inside out, duh, their eyes met, Danny blinked once, slowly, then headed towards the kitchen to get something to eat. He made himself a sandwich then went upstairs using the back staircase so he didn't have to go through the living room again. He hated when his mom went out of town, Austin always gets into some kind of crazy situation.

His mom has to go out of town a lot, now that she had taken a promotion at work so that she could make more money to support us alone. She and Austin's dad, Chase, had been married for five years when Chase had been in a car accident that cost him his life a year ago. Austin's mother died at child birth, and he didn't have any blood relatives, and Danny's mom wouldn't hear anything about him moving out anyway, she looked at him like he was her second son.

Danny fell asleep in front of his computer, he was watching old episodes of Torchwood, because that's just how sad his life is, though it doesn't really bother him, at least he wasn't at risk of an STD (cough, Austin, cough).

He went downstairs to see how much of a mess Austin had managed to make the night before. Loud music had started to play at around ten, so he was pretty sure he had had more than a few friends over. There were cups littered all over the place and quite a few things out of place. He started straightening up, and was almost done when he found a used condom under the couch, "Austin!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, "Get your stupid ass down here right now!"

He heard some shuffling and a giggle then stomping down the stairs, "What do you want at the crack of ass in the morning?" he grumbled. Danny pointed at the couch, "What about it?" he asked, "Did someone spill something?"

"Just look under it," he said irritably.

He rolled his eyes and squatted down to look under the couch, he chuckled, "I thought I got them all," he said.

Danny slapped him on the back of his head, and he glared up at him, "Pick it up and throw it away," he told him. He obeyed and went back upstairs. Danny finished cleaning then went upstairs to take a shower.

He was on his way back downstairs when he heard the front door close, he went to see what was up, he met Austin in the hall, "Did Sara go home?" he asked.

"Yeah," he answered.

"I didn't know you two were dating."

He snorted, "We're not, and that wasn't Sara."

"You're a pig," he hissed.

"Maybe," he said, "but apparently I'm a hot pig."

Danny shoved him into the wall, "When did you get like this?" he asked.

"I've always been like this," he answered, "I just don't bother to hide it anymore. You should give it a try. It's quite satisfying." He wiggled his eyebrows and Danny scoffed. "I'm sure there's someone out there somewhere that wouldn't be repulsed by you."

"I could get anyone I want," he told him angrily, "I just don't like any of the immature perverts at our school."

It was his turn to scoff, "Like hell you could, you're much too creepy."

Danny seethed for a second, "I could if I tried," he growled.

"I bet you a hundred bucks you couldn't even get someone to make out with you."

"I'll take that bet," he said defiantly.

He smirked, "Alright," he said, arrogantly, "I'm having another… get together tonight, if you can get someone moderately attractive or more, to make out with you, they have to initiate it, and you have to have proof or witnesses… also, they can't be completely wasted, Then I will give you a hundred dollars."

His heart thumped in his chest, but he glared at him and said "deal" anyway. They shook hands and went their separate ways. He had to work the afternoon, so he got ready and left early, taking his time to get there. He was glad he didn't live to far away from school or work.

He worked with Kalea and Kyle today. Kalea was the closest thing he had to a friend in this town, and she was the only person, besides teachers and class work partners, that ever talked to him at school, though it was never really talk it was more polite chit-chat.

Kalea and Kyle don't get along well, but when Danny's there they calm down a bit since he's there to intercept when one of them is about to explode, apparently he's the only one that's any good at that. It was eight o'clock by the time he got out of work. He invited Kyle and Kalea to the party, but he didn't really expect them to come, they weren't in the same social scene as his stepbrother, though, now that he thought about it, they do have a few mutual friends.

When he got home he took another quick shower to wash the sweat off. He didn't have to do much, his hair is as straight as a pin, and he can't really do much with it so he put some gel in it to make it a foe-hawk and went to his room and put on his emergency stud pants. He had bought them about a year ago and this was the first time he was going to get to wear them. He slipped them on and found they fit almost as well as they did the first time he tried them on, though they were a bit tighter than he remembered. They were a pair of jet black skinny jean that hugged every inch of his surprising, to some people, toned legs. He put on a tight black t-shirt with Mindless Self Indulgence written across it and smiled at his reflection. He went back to the bathroom and used a bit of eyeliner some girl had left here one time to accentuate his eyes.

He went back and sat in his room until the party sounded like it was really going. He peeked down the stairs to see if he recognized anyone, not that it mattered, seeing as how none of them would talk to him. He studied everyone that he could see, trying to find someone that came a little close to looking like they could fit his standards, which are surprisingly high for a shut-in. He went back into his room and contemplated putting on shoes. He didn't see any reason as to why he should, it was his house. He was about to leave his room when his phone started ringing, "Hello."

"Are you backing out of our bet?" Austin's arrogant tone came though the phone.

"I was about to come down. And I have to warn you, this is your last chance to back out," he told him, looking at himself in the mirror. He wouldn't call himself hansom (A/n: even though he is) but he didn't think that his body was too bad; he's tall, thin, tan, and has a very defined muscle tone that he tends to hide under loose clothing.

"Yeah right," Austin said, pulling Danny out of his musing, "I bet you look hideous. There's no way you could pull off looking like a normal human being."

Danny hung up on him and put his phone in a drawer in his desk. He decided to slip on a pair of bright blue converse high-tops then headed downstairs. He got quite a few head turns his way, but he didn't pay attention, instead he went straight for the beer, which, by the way, tasted horrible, but he wanted to have a bit of a buzz if he was going to be making out with a complete stranger tonight, besides, he wasn't going to be driving anywhere. He found Austin in the basement where there was a large group of people playing beer pong.

He was facing the ping pong table, and he was almost to him when someone came up behind him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, "You're hot. Let's have sex."

"No, thank you," Danny said, "Drunks are off limits, and I'm pretty sure best friends are too," he told Tyler, Austin's best friend, bisexual, and the biggest flirt ever when he's drunk.

"Wow," Tyler said, in slow, slurred, amazement, "You're Austin's brother!" He still had his arm around his shoulder and his hand was rubbing circles on Danny upper pectorals.

A couple people turned around at his revelation, including Austin. Austin's eyes widened and his mouth open slightly. He took his hand off some girl's ass and took a few steps toward them, "I-," he started, then cleared his throat, "I didn't know you owned anything like that." he said.

Danny rolled his eyes, "It's too late to back out now."

"Back outa wha'?" Tyler slurred.

"He doesn't think I could get someone to make out with me," he told him.

Tyler shook his head sympathetically, "Sorry man, this is one bet you're gonna lose."

"Shut up," Austin grumbled, "You know what, you don't have to make out with anyone, I'll give you a hundred bucks if you go back upstairs and change into something else. Looking at you is starting to burn my eyes."

"Tyler didn't seem to dislike it. Plus I want to prove my point." he went off in search of a semi decent party-goer, and twenty minutes later, he had a totally hot soccer player sticking his tongue down his throat in front of a large room full of strangers, acquaintances, Tyler, and Austin.

It went on for what felt like forever, then Austin butted in, "Alright," he said, pulling the jock off of him, "That's good enough, you've won." The hot jock looked sad then moved on to some girl in a skimpy dress.

Danny smiled triumphantly, "I'll be expecting my money within a week," he said. He was on his way up to his room when he ran into Kyle. They talked for a while, then he continued upstairs and brushed his teeth, changed his clothes and went to sleep.

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