Earth, wind, fire and rain.

Our earth is such a wondrous place,

her majestic mountains hovering above us.

The flowing river,

and showers of rain which hydrate everything upon this planet.

The icy caverns within her crust,

enabling an entire under the surface world to co-exist with us.

We have occasion to both love and loathe the elements of wind, fire and rain, while we constantly thank our creator for this earth.

Wind, also thought to be a menace, has its purpose;

lifting and carrying seeds and water vapour,

pushing differing weather to other parts of the world.

Once again she may seem harsh to man,

however, her actions are part of natures plan for this earth.

Fire, although causing devastation to man,

when deliberately lit, is nature's means of clearing the old to make room for the new, when the fire has a natural start.

Even though the landscape shows dreadful scarring for a couple of seasons to us, in an eternity the re-growth has taken over in a blink of an eyelid.

Rain, the bane of man's existence. We beg for it to come, then we wish it away, never happy with what we receive.

Man always manages to get by with fresh produce and other foods of some description, if the crop has failed.

It is part of the scheme, once again teaching us to adapt to change.