My three score and ten years.

When I was ten, it was all about when!

When would I learn that if I need help,

home I should phone?

When would I be allowed

to go into town on my own?

When would I be allowed to stay away,

with my friends overnight?

When would I convince everyone,

that I'm ok when out of sight?

When, I was twenty,

with education complete

my friends and I had fun times, aplenty.

Off we would venture into town,

to a party, or movie, a bar, or even a stage show. With weekly wages in my hand,

within a couple of hours

the lot I could blow.

Creating, memorable long nights,

as well as occasional early mornings,

Never wanting any advice

on the company I kept,

or heeding any warnings.

When I was thirty,

I was charming, chatty and naturally flirty.

The search was on in earnest for Mr. Right

the time had come I wanted to settle down.

I had developed a list qualities wanted in my man

to ensure that I did not marry a clown.

I had to be sure that my life went to plan

at the first mishap it would not hit the skids. When I got married, with my own home,

and the obligatory couple of kids.

When I was forty, I was living it up,

and being a little sporty,

and sometimes even naughty.

A carefree new age had dawned for me;

I'd developed an ability to use free speech.

Chasing those elusive dreams,

which, until now had remained,

just out of my reach?

As an individual I wore many hats,

as a family member and employee

I could cut things fine.

Deadlines I would only just meet,

as my balancing act kept moving

the elusive finish line.

When I was fifty, proud of my life,

with a style all my own,

I had become quite nifty.

I tried many things

with needles and paintbrushes,

developing new talents and skills.

Some of them became marketable,

and this little venture

was able to help me pay my bills.

Having, spent my life until now,

exploring many local haunts,

or traveling close to home.

It was time to take a large risk,

and broaden my cultural horizons,

so off overseas I did roam.

When I was sixty, with retirement looming,

my life at this point became very thrifty.

Weekly wages now in the past,

my super pension

was enough to see me though to my final day.

It was time to watch my pennies,

buying only necessary items;

frugal living was the only way.

A woman of leisure, with time to spare,

once again new activities

and friends filled in my time.

We found many a new way to while away our time, most of the time it hadn't cost us a dime.

Now that I am seventy, life is much slower,

the visitors I have are few and far between.

My kids have grown families with lives of their own, with new technology many photos I've seen.

Each Christmas and Birthday

they are shocked at the time that has past,

since they've last been

My parents have long since gone;

my siblings around the same age

have the same story to tell.

Luckily my own company I enjoy,

pottering around, amusing myself,

I am healthy and very well.

As I head towards eighty and beyond,

let's all celebrate and let out three cheers,

because I have certainly had many adventures

and a great life my three score and ten years,

I've overcome numerous obstacles,

picked up many skills

conquered almost all of my fears,

With overwhelming emotion and unconditional love during my life, I have shed many a tear,

Know from the beginning through to the end,

family and friends I have always held you dear.