The music must live on !

Music reflects our moods,

throwing us into the depths of despair

or commanding us to sing or dance

As our souls take flight.

The romance music brings to out minds

images of ballrooms

Cinderella and her Prince Charming

waltzing to the gentle music

oblivious to all else with stars in their eyes.

The big brass band on parade through the streets,

or belting out a snappy tune

on the silver screens as the larger than life actors click their heels, the military bugler demanding the troops to rise at dawn.

The unusual shapes, sizes and materials used to make music,

the heavy thumping of the didgeridoo,

The squeal of air being forced through the bagpipes,

The hollow sounds of wooden objects as they connect,

The beautiful strumming of the strings

The mastery of the musician

who enchants us to float around the heavens,

or deep space,

or even under the seas

hitting the notes which allow

our imaginations to open

enabling us to visit places of our dreams.