The Ship- this is the place where the individual exam battles take place. It floats above the school.

The Castle- This is the ominous arena for the High School exam battles

A Hilt- As in the hilt of the sword. A person is given a hilt from each of his teachers for each exam.

A Sword- A sword is fashioned from studying to be used against the exams.

The Exams- Beasts or foes to be fought as a final exam for a class

The throwing star and the poison dart- outlines I was allowed to bring with me into the exams to help me with the essay portions.

The forge- time spent there is studying.

The birds- my knowledge on a subject condensed. My knowledge "flies away" after the exam.

If you have any questions about anything else that might show up at any point in the story, just ask, and I'll reply here.