Battle of the Ancients

Battle of the Ancients

Again I entered the arena, and the feeling of the infinite monotony of my life set in. The every day constant feeling that it is the same, never changing routine, but all that was about to change if I could just make it through the next three days…and I found hope.

My enemy was unveiled and battle began. A large tan haired minotaur loomed over me. He had horns like a mountain goat and his eyes were blue. His torso, which was of a human like all minotaurs, was covered in a long flowing white toga. His hooves were as large as any healthy Clydesdale, but I was unimpressed. I pulled out a great steel double-edged battle-axe, and looked him in the eye, daring him.

"Bring it on," I whispered into the cold night air. He bucked up on his front hooves and I darted to the side swinging at his cumbersome large body. I nicked him a couple times before he got his first break. He kicked with his back legs and knocked me square in the jaw.

Ignoring the pain of my bleeding head, I took advantage of the situation and swung back with my axe. I cut one of his back legs completely off rendering his large body useless. I proceeded to take my time finishing him off…or so I thought.

I turned around to leave feeling thoroughly satisfied with myself, but I had acted to soon. Suddenly I felt the bite of cold steel in my back. I reached back and pulled a small dagger from my body. Blood gushed from the whole where it had stuck.

I wheeled around to face my attacker. The human part of the minotaur had remained when I destroyed his mobile half. The white-clad Roman senator pulled another dagger from his long flowing robe and launched himself through the air, hovering above the ground, toward me. I dodged, but his agility was superior. He turned and flung his whole self in my direction, and his knife met its target…as my blade met his face…

Moments later, I stood on the deck again. I was bleeding profusely, but I knew the pain would only be temporary. As I expected, a great phoenix rose from my heart. My knowledge of the classics was great, but had it been enough…?