My Dream

I believed in my dream,

And so did they,

They believed,

In their dreams,

Their dreams were struck by lightening,

So they shot my dream,

But I still feel my dream,

In my heart,

My dream won't die,

No matter what bullets they use,

My dream is the dream which will survive,

It runs free with the wind,

And travels as it pleases,

This dream is my passion,

This dream is the dream I wake for every morning,

It keeps my heart beating,

And it keeps the colour in this life awake,

I hold onto my dream as I sleep,

I wake in my dreams arms in the mornings,

Me and my dream are in sync,

We're inseparable,

We're alive with history,

And we're moving towards the sunset,

They stopped believing in my dream,

But I still believe,

I believe so much,

I cry,

Each time I forget,

They sent my dream far far away,

But my dream calls for me,

It weeps each second it's away from me,

So I call it back,

Again and again,

They steal my dream,

In the darkest of nights,

It returns each time,

To it's rightful owner,