The Chaos Triad Trilogy

Book One:
Where Time Stands Still

Written By:
Evan Phelps

Fate of an Empire

The United States of America, the most powerful nation the world has ever seen. Since America was formed back in the late 1700s it has produced some of the most brilliant minds, some of the greatest innovations, and some of the best medical advancements in the world. America is a great country, a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and principles. For many decades families in countries not as well off as America have sought refuge within its borders, somewhere from sea to shining sea. Great numbers of people have made the journey into America by way of boat at Ellis Island, crossing the border from Mexico or Canada, or any other method that works. America was meant to thrive and shine forever, but in the latter half of the 21st century all of that came to an abrupt end.
America had become the prime example of democracy in action. Whenever another country started to abuse and torture their own people the United States would jump in and would go to war to free the innocent and to tear down those oppressive people in power. This went on for most of the 21st century. America was so distracted by these new threats to the idea of a blissful existence that the threats from the previous century were almost completely wiped from the collective memory. Old powers such as Russian Communism, the Nazi party of Germany, and the Peoples Republic of China began a slow, but dramatic incline back into the seat of power.
They ceaselessly built up their armies as the United States was off fighting terrorism and oppression in the Middle East. This left the home front back on American soil dangerously depleted and all too vulnerable to attack for decades. During the 2040s Russia, China, and Germany declared a secret alliance between them and dubbed it the Mozahki Empire. Their aim was to do what no one before them had ever done; they planned to abolish all form of existing government and to rule the world as an unstoppable empire. They laid low for a few decades afterwards and continued to silently gather their forces while the United States continued to invade and neutralize several countries around Europe and Asia.
The United States was expanding as well, but there was no way it could keep up with the powerhouse that China had become, even at full strength. Patriotism in America had been steadily declining since the turn of the century and fewer men and women were joining the armed forces. Even so the new presidents had to step into the role of the last one and continue pushing forward, even if they could think of better alternatives. America s downfall was based on its desire to play big brother all the time and prevent other countries from fight each other and their own people.
In 2067 it was finally time for the Mozahki Empire to mobilize and take control of the planet, abolishing democracy and all other forms of existing government. World War Three was beginning and even though it would be much shorter than the previous two wars it would be far more devastating and have much longer lasting effects.
The entire force that China had amassed was sent to the incredibly vulnerable United States, while the forces of Russia and Germany were sent out in campaigns to find and destroy all American bases and kill all their service members on deployment in every corner of the globe.
The Chinese force was much larger than that of the United States, but since America had the better trained and skilled fighters, as well as intimate knowledge of the landscape, they were able to fight off total invasion a few weeks longer than expected. America eventually fell to the Chinese regime about 2 months after the assault began. Although China suffered some pretty stiff casualties, about one third of their total power fell; it was a major victory for the Mozahki Empire. America was beaten into subservience and the surviving people had no choice but to follow the laws of the Empire.
The war far away from the home front went remarkably smoother. Small groups of about ten thousand Russian and German soldiers were sent out to each of the major bases in all countries with American involvement. It took almost three weeks for all the American bases in foreign lands to fall to the Mozahki Empire. America and the world were conquered before thanksgiving and nobody could thank of much to be thankful for.
Early in 2068 all democracy had been wiped clean from the earth and the Mozahki Empire reigned supreme over all. The form of government that the Mozahki Empire established was something of a new design. It combined the totalitarian aspect with the leadership of an oligarchy, meaning that all aspects of life were controlled by a group of elite individuals with their own corrupted and self-serving interests at heart. It set up its main station of operation right in the Washington D.C. area just to add insult to injury. Even though most of the civilian population of America had survived the invasion they just didn t have the power or the means to throw off the chains that the Mozahki Empire had bound them with. Only a handful of the liberties that Americans and the immigrants hand grown up with were still intact and life just kept on moving like it always does. Peaceful protests began to take place and when those failed to attract any attention from the Mozahki Empire things quickly got out of hand and broke out into mass riots. These riots were always quickly and quietly quelled with minimal loss to human life, and any insurrection was always met with the swift and explosive death of all those involved.
By the beginning of 2070 the world seemed resigned to its fate and just accepted the Mozahki Empire as the new ruling presence in the world. Life wasn t really bad by any means, worse in comparison yes, but not as bad as other periods of history. America was still a thriving nation and a place where people came every day to escape the poverty and tragedy of their own nation. America was great, but the sense of freedom had been ripped away and it wasn t going to be coming back anytime soon. Most people were skeptical but tolerant of what happened, especially the ones who were cynical to begin with and had lost hope in mankind long before this. Some people were angry at the turn of events, but too cowardly to try and change them. They sure didn t miss a chance to bitch and moan about the injustices of the times. Only a very few ever even tried to start a revolution, and all of them were put to a quick end after less than a day, except for one.
In the year 2084 one man fought to save the world from the hatred of the Mozahki Empire. He stood up alone and challenged the powers of the entire world. He gathered a rebellion and led a war that in time swallowed the whole world, and he alone is considered the Savior of Humanity.