Tribute to Palestine

Difference between me and you,

I stand on two legs,

You stand on everyone else's,

I have expression,

You think you have it but when you touch down,

Nothing but depression,

I give,

You take, take, take,

Till the people around have no heartbeat,

Empty breathes,

CPR failed,

You failed,

To preserve the life,

Locked them away,

Beat them to the ground,

Gassed them and stole the lives of their children,

Gave them to the media in the worst light possible,

Arrested and cut them,

Put them,

6 feet under,

You're under, wrong,

The murders stand on your head,

The bloodshed,

Haunts you,

Every minute,

Every night,

Stop what you're doing,


Leave and let the people free,

Just like yours were set free,

But the dust settled a long time ago,

They stand for themselves and their perished children,

Stand together,

As a force,

Now you see them,

Now you see them,

Time for a change,

They shall be set free,

By their faith,

By the world,

By me,

By you,

By God!