I was a child once,



Lost in the joys of the world.

Or was I really lost?

Maybe just ignorant.

Not seeing what was concealed,

To my young naked eyes.

What many strived to remain hidden,

All the suffering in the world.

"No honey,

He didn't die,

Just went to a better place.

He's watching you right now".


From where?

That box in the ground?

That place in the sky,

I don't even believe in anymore?

Why not tell the truth,

When I'll just grow up and see the lies?

I was a child once,

But I'm no longer,




I'm looking,

And seeing,

And you're still trying you damned hardest,

At concealing.

When I know that everything is not,


And rainbows,

And your little book of,

Infinite outdated wisdom.

So quit trying to hide it.

It's right in front of my face.

Not believing that is true,

Won't make my new day.

It won't protect me in life.

Because when I see it in person,

How will I know how to continue,

Everything you worked for?

And I'm sorry if my words,

Are hard,


And cruel,

But you need to know,

I'm not a child anymore.