Some Kind of Crazy

I pace across this floor
Thirty times in counting
Is this what anxiety is?
Depression as it's labeled

Stop the pacing and glance
Homework piled too high
Overwhelmed again
Sit and breathe in deep

When will the denial stop
Help be handed to me
Instead of this sorrow
That's consumed my life

What if they're answer
Is to simply medicate
Will the pain really wither
Or a pestering memory

Is this me finally slipping
Have I lost myself permanently
Or will this come to pass
Though it feels it will not

I can't blink away this pain
Can't say it's all in my head
Can barely write this piece
To explain how I'm helpless

I try to remember how it goes
What it feels like to be awake
Aware of all that is around you
How do I feel normalcy again

My spirit has been worn thin
I can't find it in me to be happy
The light of the day only wanes
Brings tears to my eyes again

Each a day is a painful experience
Brings me to my knees physically
Kills me on the inside, mentally
But this writer fakes happiness

So for now my fingers are froze
The words will not flow again
How do I phase these feelings
Without sounding totally insane

Stop writing now
Go hide away in bed
Let my eyes close tight
And cry myself to sleep