A Message For The Dreamers

Every day we see another star on TV,

An you always wish it was you,

Who could get those types of opportunities,

For example Nicki and Drake,

It took time but now they've got that moment for life,

But they worked hard to get where they are,

So I'll work hard,

And maybe one day,

I'll get far,

Got an opportunity but I felt I wasn't ready,

Friends told me I was crazy,

It could have been a big break for me,

But I wasn't ready,

It could have just been a fun time,

To meet new people and write a rhyme,

But my words,

They take time,

They come to me at the stupidest times,

Right now UK time,



Got an idea you see,

So I had to write it down,

Otherwise the same words would just spin round and round,

In my head till I got a headache,

As I continue to live life I realise,

It's not always easy,

So I sweeten the taste,

With chocolate or strawyberry cake,

I have what you call,

Expensive taste,

Electrical goods keep me away from dodgy business and dirty minded crooks,

But where I live,

Everybody's a crook,

Thieves after respect,

But how they gain that is beyond me,

I know everybody's strong,

But see strong is not beating your neighbour and inviting more haters,

Strong is keeping your faith,

And showing your emotions,

Helping you to help yourself,

I can say I've been through hell,

But my version of hell,

Is different to your description,

Describe your description,

Or would you rather let loose,

Find something new to depend on,

Hold tight to your life and stay strong.