Feelings of an Exam Paper

Her hand shaking as she reaches for the door handle,

She's still scared,

But how can she still be scared when she hasn't even tried,

I hear her sobbing,

Louder and louder,

She can't stop herself,

She turns to look at me one more time,

But she still can't face me properly,

Everyone else continues to watch as she leaves,

Why is she leaving?

Do I really cause this much upset?

I know for a fact I can cause people to become stressed,

But making them cry was never my intention,

I'm the key to their future,

I'm the key to her future,

She needs me,

But she doesn't realise,

She's now left the room,

An old woman chases after her,

I wonder if she found her,

I don't want her to be scared of me,

I want her to answer me,

Not verbally,

But instead sit at a desk and write on me,

I'm only a paper with some questions and some spaces for people to write,

I was written and printed,

Then handed to them,

So they can answer me,

And gain a brighter future from answering me,

After all how hard can I be?

I'm only an exam paper.