Russian Roulette

When you're young you don't have a care for the world,

When you grow older all you care for is the world,

Not the actual world,

But rather your world,

All you experience is hurt,

Bullets and daggers fly from each side,

You're in the middle,

Can't find a place to hide,

Every day you die in your thoughtless mind,

They have no concern,

They live for the moment,

Torture you,

And torture you again,

There is no more use for you,

Take your life,

It's useless anyway,

They're all waiting,

But no more waiting,

Your palms are sweating,

Head spinning,

Thoughts emptying,

Memories creeping,

Back and forth in your mind,

One finger to move the trigger,

That's all,

Just one finger,

But still you can't do it,

You're breathing heavier,

You're asking yourself,

Again and again,

Is suicide the only option left?

You're hating yourself,


Why did I enter this game of Russian roulette?

Moment of truth,

Time to pull that trigger,

Breathing has increased,

Fears released,

Everybody in the room feels them,

Finger starts to move,

Everything slows down,

Your head moves backwards and sideways as the impact of the bullet hits you,

One last scream is all you hear,

The others watch as you lay in a pool of your own blood,

Store Manager: Oi!

*snaps back to reality*

Store Manager: how many times do I have to tell you, STOP PLAYING RUSSAIN ROULETTE WITH THE PLASTIC GUNS IN MY STORE!